Nudist beach Delftse Hout
Delft Wood closed? That never!

In 2013, the municipality of Delft decided to open the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout to be formally closed.
The visitors of the nudist beach did not resign themselves to this decided and protested en masse. After two lawsuits, all suspects in the Delft Blootloop case acquitted. It The Public Prosecution Service could not convince the judge that the Delftse Hout is unsuitable for undressed recreation. Because the Public Prosecution Service did win the case on form points in cassation, it had to be higher profession about. On January 18, the judge ruled and again was acquitted. It seems (unless the Public Prosecution Service re-in cassation goes) that this has now really come to an end dragging case.

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18-01-2017: The Public Prosecution Service goes for the second time wet; all suspects in the Delft Blootloop case have been acquitted.
The judge has ruled that there is insufficient legal and convincing evidence that the Delftse Hout at the time of the indictment (nude recreation on July 23, 2013) was not suitable for unclothed recreation. In the statement expressly points out that the time is important when assessing suitability for nude recreation.

On the day in question, there were 25 . on the (former) nudist beach nude recreationists and about ten clothed persons in the immediate environment present. At tens of meters were were about 500 dressed persons present. What the verbal does not state is that it was a fantastic sun-drenched summer day with a temperature of around 30 degrees. Similar to 7/08/2013 when Google took the photo below; peak crowds in the Delftse Wood. The conclusion is that the Delftse Hout certainly also at large crowds are suitable for nude recreation.

The judge has mainly taken into account that the former nudist beach has been used for nude recreation for about 30 years and that, despite new residential areas in the area, little has changed in the circumstances. Every Delft resident knows that there it is nudist beach and the area is large enough so that textile holidaymakers are not forced to stay close to it nude beach recreation.

The judge does appreciate wearing shorts when using the shared toilet.

It is not yet known whether the Public Prosecution Service will appeal against this ruling. read here the full statement.

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17-01-2017: AD Must be possible, everywhere in your nakedness?

23-11-2016: Appeal in the Delft Blootloop case.

24-08-2016: On 23 November 2016 (9:30) the Delft Blootloop case again before the Hague judge. read here the latest edition of the De Blijde Blote Bode

16-08-2016: Is there finally clarity or is it? perhaps the planned new beach pavilion in the Delftse Hout (partly) was the reason for nudity recreation here ban? An article in the Algemeen Dagblad suggests that it was indeed has played along. In response to this article, the opposition party Stadsbelangen questions to the Executive Board.

The Wob request Wob007, which mainly dealt with the relationship between a new beach pavilion and nude recreation did not yield anything then....

24-11-2016: According to the Executive Board, the closure had of the nudist beach has nothing to do with the new beach pavilion. read here the answers to questions from Stadsbelangen to the council.

Also read the article: AD Fines for nude recreation really nonsensical

09-07-2016: De Delftse Blootloopzaak that was supposed to be on 19 July to be held has been postponed because Spong is unable to attend. A new date has not yet been announced.

16-05-2016: The date for the new lawsuit over the Delft barefoot case:

Tuesday 19 July 2016, 9.30 am, The Hague Court of Appeal.
20-01-2016: A new episode (4) of De Blijde Bare Bode

06-01-2016: In the NRC, Attorney General Miranda de Meijer (Public Prosecutor in The Hague) wrote in the Togacolumn an article about the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout.

View here Rob Meerwijk's response to this article.

08-12-2015: The Supreme Court has determined today that the acquittal for nudist recreation Delftse Hout has to be transferred. The judge is of the opinion that the court has been short-sighted, by stating that only if a place is obviously unsuitable for nude recreation, there is of violation of the law. (article 430a DCC).

The specific facts and circumstances of the case, such as those are included in the case file have not been taken into account sufficiently, at the discretion of the judge.
The Public Prosecution Service thinks that the Delftse Hout is in the loop over the years has turned into a city park, in which there is no more room is for nude recreation. Also the fact that the part for nude recreation seamlessly transitions into the textile beach area would make the area unsuitable for nudist recreation.

It is remarkable that the alleged sexual nuisance, which the mayor took to close the nudist beach, not in the cassation case has been raised.

It is not yet clear when the case will be heard again.

Press release NFN
08-12-2015 AD: Again lawsuit for nude recreation in Delft

17-04-2015: The Delft Blootloop case will be continued:

Response from the Public Prosecution Service to the question from regarding cassation in the Delft Blootloop case:

"It is true that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) has appealed in cassation set. The Public Prosecution Service believes that the Court of Appeal, by state that there is only a violation of art. 430a Sr as the place intended for public traffic obviously not is suitable for undressed recreation, an explanation that is too limited has given to this article.

In all cases, the Public Prosecution Service has now added a letter of appeal in cassation submitted to the Supreme Court."

12-09-2014: The National Ombudsman agrees with this site:

Bert van der Velden (fictitious name  = Tjipke Tasma from sent an email by e-mail Wob request to the Municipality of Delft. He was notified that his application was processed. Because he's nothing more heard, he inquired. In the end it turned out that a Wob request could not be submitted digitally. He had to do the Wob request by letter or fax.

Bert complains about the way the municipality has dealt with the Wob request that he submitted digitally.

Public authorities have the option to determine for themselves whether requests may be made digitally by e-mail or in another form submitted. But if someone sends an email, it's not good for the suggestionto induce that the Wob request is sent via the e-mail can be submitted and only much later to let them know this is not possible. The municipality should have had Bert of its own accord let them know that a Wob request cannot be sent by e-mail and cancel it must explain how he could submit the Wob request.

The complaint is founded because of violation of the requirement of good provision of information

Read here the full report. 17-07-2014: Hooray, on the nudist beach in the Delftse Wood can be recreated naked again. Police and boa no longer hand out tickets for nude recreation.

17-07-2014: On the naturism forum can be read that the Public Prosecution Service will appeal in cassation in the Delft Naked Case.
20-07-2014: Response from the Public Prosecution Service (OM):
"The Public Prosecution Service is (for the time being) in cassation against the acquittals. er cassation has been instituted for the time being to secure the term within which the parties can appeal in cassation. The Public Prosecution Service has namely, more time is needed to study the judgments. it's about For that reason, it is not yet known whether the appeal in cassation will actually be persevered".

11-07-2014: Hooray, all suspects are complete acquitted in the Delft Blootloop case. read here de pronunciation.

Some nude holidaymakers speak to the press.

Articles about the ruling in the Delft Blootloop case.

11-07 NFN Acquittal on appeal Delftse Hout (press release)< br> 11-07 Omroep West: Joy and relief after court ruling on nude recreation

11-07-2014: On the eve of the verdict in the Delft Blootloop case, a motion passed by D66, which calls on the mayor to argue that holidaymakers without swimming trunks will not receive fines in Delftse Hout this summer.
Listen here the city council meeting. Mayor Bas Verkerk argues that the failing policy of the municipality and the police cause of the closure of the nudist beach.

27-06-2014: The Delft Blootloop case before the Court of Appeal in The Hague

When the appeal is heard, the Public Ministry (OM) not with new arguments to show that the (former) nudist beach in the Delftse Hout no longer suitable for nude recreation. A summary of the The indictment can be read on the website of the Public Prosecution Service. It is striking that the article concludes with the background of the case, without going into the actual background. The nudist beach has to be closed because of the sexual nuisance. Overzealous officers believe that some case reports of sexual offenses that have this year took place are also relevant to this case.

Lawyer Mr Gerard Spong comes with a strong plea (key points)
  • The letter of cancellation from the college to the city council demonstrates the suitability of the former nudist beach. In this letter contains a report of possible measures that can be taken to prevent sexual nuisance on the current counter location. These measures would not be discussed if the nudist beach would be unsuitable anyway.
    The letter does not contain a single word about the unsuitability of the nudist beach.
  • The Public Prosecution Service and the Municipality of Delft abuse Article 430a (nude recreation), for the sexual nuisance, which falls under Article 239 (Indecent Indecency). An article of law may not be used for any other purpose than what it is intended for. In fact, the judge would declare the whole case inadmissible. The Public Prosecution Service tries to put the former nudist beach down like a Sodom and Gomorrah.

    From a letter, also with explanation about 430a, it appears that the municipality of Delft does not want to spend 30,000 euros on supervision, but that it is over the back of theverbalized nudists want to save this amount of money.
  • There is no sudden confrontation with naked people. The green strip has been used as a Nudist beach; so every Delft citizen knows that there it is nudist beach.
  • The green belt has been used as a nudist beach for 30 years, the environment has not changed. After 30 years of tolerance you can no more fines.
In exactly 2 weeks, on Friday 11 July at 9 o'clock it will do Hague Court ruling.
Undoubtedly there will be an acquittal, but it remains to be seen whether the judge makes a clear decision about the suitability of the former nudist beach in the Delftse Hout for nude recreation.

Articles about the Delft Blootloop case.

27-06 The Bare Angry Burgers: Naked in the Delftse Hout – to be continued!
27-06 Location Delftse Hout extremely suitable for nude recreation
27-06 OM: Nude walking remains taboo in Delftse Hout 27-06 Judge decides: Yes or no bare buttocks in Delftse Hout
27-06 Delft nude runners appeal against swimming trunks quota

26-06-2014:'s request for a preliminary injunction is rejected by the preliminary relief judge in The Hague. Too bad that the rejected internal emails from the municipality of Delft cannot be made public (accelerated); before the trial of tomorrow.'s appeal will now be dealt with at a later date, according to the usual procedure. It must be winter when the municipality of Delft with the buttocks naked must, but is naked still allowed in the Delftse Hout?

19/24-06-2014: Next week is on Friday 27 June at 9 o'clock the appeal on the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout before the Hague Court. The verdict is already expected on 2 July. Read here the press release of the NFN.

Very exciting for all bloopers in the Netherlands, because the shelf life of art. 430a WvSr is under discussion. Can municipalities participate in sexual nuisance on a nudist beach quietly leaning back it nude beach just close?
Much more important is whether a nudist beach is suitable for nude recreation, because that's what the law is about. A nudist beach that has been functioning well for about 25 years, cannot go from one to the other become unfit another day, if nothing has changed. It only thing that has changed is that it has become less crowded before in the Delftse Hout and that the municipality of Delft would like to have a catering facilities.

in a short while adopted zoning plan the area is intended for recreation and not designated as a city park.

Listen here yesterday's committee meeting (point 8) D66 is considering submitting a motion asking this summer not to be fined for nude recreation.
It is not clear what the meaning of this motion is, because this can be submitted at the next council meeting and this is after the appeal decision...
Facebook: Nude in the Wood

Documgrafting municipality of Delft:
  10-03-2013: Letter B&W Proposal closing nudist beach Delftse Hout

24-06-2014: Municipality of Delft emails the decision of 11-06-2014 (13 precious days were lost) on the notice of objection (bob) from read here the decision.

On 21-06-2014 I submitted an appeal to the court in The Hague against the lack of a decision. On 22-06-2014 I have a provisional provision requested, because I would like to receive the requested documents for the appeal next Friday.

07-04-2014 : NFN Appeal Delftse Hout on 27 June

04-01-2014: Big news via twitter: The verdict will follow 6 weeks later.

22-03-2014: College van B&W Delft proposes to the council not to proceed with the designating the Flatoverpad location as a site for nudist recreation.

24/28-02-2014: The Public Prosecution Service (OM) will also appeal. has the Public Prosecution Service for a press statement requested and received the following responses:
(Press officer/communication advisor OM The Hague):

24-02: It is true that the Public Prosecution Service is on appeal gone, it concerns six cases in which the judge has acquitted. The explanation of my colleague Nelda Boersma in the AD is correct and as far as I'm concerned you can take over for your website.

When asked why the Public Prosecution Service also appealed one conviction, I received this response:

28-02: Sorry I didn't answer you yet. The public prosecutor is on vacation abroad, but luckily she responded anyway. We were in six cases in appealed, but one of them has now been withdrawn because it turned out to be a conviction. The Public Prosecution Service is therefore against a total of 5 acquittals on appeal gone. The reason for this is that we do not agree are that the judge the Delft beach on quiet days (<150 people) are considered suitable for nude recreation.

When asked why the Public Prosecution Service in only 6 cases in higher appeal has been filed I have not yet received an answer.

03-03-2014 I received the following statement from the Public Prosecution Service:

For procedural economic reasons, the Public Prosecution Service has only had a decision in 6 cases, in which an acquittal followed, appeal filed. In addition, opted for various things as much as possible. The reason That is why the Public Prosecution Service is investigating the matter in full The Court wants to submit, but does not want to burden the Court unnecessarily. This does not mean that the Public Prosecution Service deviates from its position that -in all cases submitted to the subdistrict court- the beach in the Delftse Hout is not suitable for nude recreation.

In addition, the public prosecutor has chosen to to limit its appeal to those nude recreationists, who also themselves set apple. Some of these nude recreationists has received several official reports, in which one number of cases a conviction has been followed (of which itself appealed) and in other cases the sub-district court acquitted them (the Public Prosecution Service is appealing this). on in this way no nudists are unnecessarily in the further criminal proceedings involved.

11-02-2014: The eight not (fully) exonerated visitors to the nudist beach go appeal against the decision of the judge in the mass trial of last January 28. The NFN now supports also the nude recreationists and Gerard Spong prepared found to provide legal aid. Read here the press release of the NFN.

This site is happy with the appeal because it nudist beach has proved sufficient over the past 30 years to be suitable for nude recreation. The municipality of Delft has never had in the formal abolition of the nudist beach stated that the nudist beach would be unsuitable for nude recreation. Only the sexual nuisance, which is not caused by the naturists was the reason.
28-1-2014: The judge's ruling: Delft beach unsuitable for nude recreation when very busy
The Hague, 28-1-2014

The subdistrict court in The Hague has ruled that the beach in Delft is unsuitable for nude recreation, if currently more than 150 dressed people, including children, present.

The people who recreated naked in the summer of 2013 while less than 150 dressed holidaymakers were present, acquitted. It was during the session today at thirty acquittals out of a total of forty-four charges committed violations. In addition, there are 2 void subpoenas and one person was fired from prosecution.

The rest still have to pay the fine of € 90 per violation Pay. This concerns nine people with a total of eleven fines.

Vision of

The core of art. 430aWvSr (the last part; the so-called b part of the article) is maintained; nude recreation remains possible if the terrain is suitable for it. sexual nuisance has not turned out to be a reason for a site to be declared unsuitable. The judge's decision will have a further limited impact on the other nudist beaches; most nudist beaches are secluded and not directly in sight of textile holidaymakers.

Despite the fact that many nudists have been acquitted, is it a disappointment for the naturists, who are (still) convinced of the suitability of the site for nudist recreation.

A plus point is that the "150 dressed people rule" perhaps also provides more opportunities for nude recreation textile beaches.

Because the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout on a large number of days of the year remains suitable for nude recreation will the listing on the site will be maintained.
The nudist beach is none designated by the municipality terrain, so there is always the chance of a fine even when there is little traffic. It is possible that the municipality will continue to fine nude recreation here want to continue discourage.

On request, has received the following response from the municipality of Delft:

Dear Mr Tasma,

The judge has ruled that nude recreation in the Delftse Wood is only appropriate if there are less than 150 dressed are visitors. The police can take enforcement action if visitors recreate naked at times when they don't is deemed appropriate according to the judge's ruling.

See also the article on the site of the Omroepwest .nl.

24-01-2014: Naturists do not get a fair trial, now that the Municipality of Delft withholds (internal) documents.
This site has been requested by the municipality of Delft, with an appeal on the Open Government Act (Wob), all internal e-mails to be made public by today.
The municipality did not heed this call, in fact, the municipality has not made a sound.

It is clear that the municipality has a lot of information about its own outrageous act. The congregation is hiding behind an article from the Wob, in which pieces with personal policy views should not be made public be made.
These documents are therefore with the Wob request dated 15 August not provided to Last Thursday before the hearing committee to answer any questions answer and then also asked for these documents to provide. It is very unlikely that all of these emails contain such policy statements and that there no factual information.

It has now been established from a number of Wob procedures stand that:
  • Delft Municipality closed the nudist beach because she thought there was there was enormous nuisance by sex recreationists. From a document from August 2011 shows that this is not the case at all. Because there are received virtually no questions or complaints about it nudist beach states the municipality in a letter.
    In the autumn of 2011 we hear the first sounds that the municipality wants to close the nudist beach.
  • The municipality still lists the nudist beach on its website.
    A very careless mistake.
  • The municipality clearly indicates in the city newspaper that nudist recreation is tolerated, provided not aoffensive. No naturist is fined for offensive behaviour.
24-01-2014: Tomorrow morning in the Tros-Nieuwsschow (Radio 1: 8:30-11 h) given attention to the mass trial against the Delft naturists from coming Tuesday.
And next Sunday SBS6 will spend at 22:30 pm Hart van Nederland pays attention to the issue.

22-01-2014: NFN press release Mass process Delftse Hout
The trial before the court in The Hague will take place on January 28 and will start at 9:00 am and will be open to the public accessible. will also be present at the trial for reporting.

09-01-2014: NFN: Mass process Delft touches core of rights of Dutch nude recreationists

09-01-2014:Thursday 9 January there was a broadcast of VPRO Metropolis, which also includes nude recreation in the Netherlands and specifically in the Delftse Hout. Herman van der Helm, the great champion of conservation of the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout was featured in this episode.

07-01-2014: Nude holidaymakers and NFN reject alternative beach location in Delft

04-01-2014: Jan Peter de Wit on Independent about the court hearing of the nude holidaymakers on January 28.

Very laughable is when the offense has taken place:

"On or about August 3, 2013"

04-01-2014: receives the data from three Wob requests:

WOB005 decision 1519933 (1.75 MB)

WOB006 decision 1519950 (0.98 MB)

WOB007 decision 1519954 (0.06 MB)

0-12-2013: On January 28, 2014, a number of naturists must be admitted to the Haagse appear in court because they have lodged an objection against last summer's fines on the nudist beach in the Delft Wood. This will not only be for the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout and the naturists involved an important statement, but for all nudist beaches in the Netherlands. Is becoming Municipalities made it easy on nudist beaches for sexual nuisance, or the rights of naturists remain as anchored in art. 430a enforced?

Unfortunately, the municipality of Delft has received the Wob requests from so very frustrated, probably not all requested information before the trial becomes available. It is clear that the municipality of Delft shamefully violated administrative laws.

01-12-2013: Objections to nude recreationists declared inadmissible.
The decision of the municipality to close the nudist beach remains in force.
The municipality has left the citizen in the delusion for about 25 years that the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout is an officially designated nudist beach. from a lawsuit it turned out that due to changed legislation, this since the inclusion of art. 430a in the penal code no longer the case.

Now the Municipality of Delft is shamelessly making use of this fact. The decision to close the nudist beach is not a decision and therefore no objection can be made to this. Acts well the municipality as if nude recreation is prohibited on the alleged nudist beach due to a zero-tolerance nudity policy.

For example, the Municipality of Delft is breaking the law and silencing its opponents.

20-11-2013: Nude holiday maker feels tucked away.
“It seems like nude recreation in a secret or taboo atmosphere is stopped”, says Herman van der Helm, founder of the Naturist Swimming Club. The city council wants it move nudist beach in Delftse Hout to the Abtswoudse Bos in Delft South. Far too remote, says the Delft resident.

07-11-2013: The motion of the Green Left and the PvdA to consider the possibility of a nudist beach in the Abtswoudse Bos has been assumed. The basic premise is that the naturists are involved and the location is also suitable need to find.

06-11-2013: Green Left and the PvdA have a motion submitted to the vote in the Council meeting of 7-11-2013 coming. It is not clear exactly what this motion entails (the location is shown here). not mentioned, but we can assume that this concerns the Abtswoudse Bos). Follow the live broadcast of the Council meeting (7-11 from 20:00)

21-10-2013: Is Delft a rogue municipality?
The Municipality of Delft has deliberately frustrated me for 5 weeks with my Wob request about the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout. Because there was little occupancy at the town hall during the holidays the municipality of Delft has surreptitiously wanted to stretch time to fail to point out to me that a Wob request by e-mail is the municipality of Delft is not possible. The monkey only came after 5 weeks out of the sleeve via twitter!

Continue reading here.

26-09-2013: De Delftse Hout gets a new turf. This also makes the nudist beach unsuitable for (nude) recreation.

16-09-2013: receives the data from its own Wob request:

Decision Wob request mr. Tasma (0.3 MB)

Information regarding Wob request Mr. Tasma part I-II (2.5 MB)

Information in response to Wob request Mr. Tasma part II-II (3.4 MB)

One document is very striking: In August 2011 complains a mother with children on the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout.

The College of Mayor and Aldermen will inform you in a letter (among other things):

29-08-2013 Strange that one season later the college is of total opinion changed and that the nudist beach should close. Will this mother be lied to with children or are we being screwed on?
09/14/2013: : receives (5-9) the decision on the Wob request from
15-08-2013. Unfortunately, the requested documents are not immediately available sent along, as the Wob prescribes. To date, haven't received anything yet.
Is Delft above the law?

29-08-2013: receives the data from a previous Wob request:

Documents on nudist beach Delftse Hout public I-II (3.09 MB)

  Documents on nudist beach Delftse Hout public II-II (4.42 MB)

The municipality of Delft expects to be able to complete the Wob request from early next week.

27-08-2013: The advice committee advises B&W the objection of nudist beach against the to declare the closure of the nudist beach inadmissible. It's a shame that the city council makes illegal decisions and there it is consequences, but that there is no protest against possible because the decision is illegal.

But is that really so? Because the municipality is sitting on her documents and still violates the Government Information (Public Access) Act on her boot.

08-15-2013: Municipality of Delft is cheating on this site.
On July 11, 2013, I (webmaster of this site) sent an email to WOB request submitted to the Municipality of Delft. The municipality of Delft has confirmed that my request has been received and is being processed taken. The term within which the Municipality of Delft must decide on the request expired, so that I give the municipality of Delft a notice of default. It's deafeningly quiet in Delft, so today I took a pulse via twitter:

Was the municipality unable to receive this by returned mail to share? Is this only possible via twitter? So that's how the Municipality of Delft to use a prudent and common sense drafted WOB request.

08-08-2013: Foei Herman van der Helm is offensive again.
Despite the promise of the municipality in the city ??newspaper that nude recreation remains tolerated in the Delftse Hout, the police simply hand out fines. Has the municipality discovered a gold mine?

05-08-2013: The neighborhood police officers Vrijenban have the twitter nudist beach account blocked. It is of course annoying that you keep being reminded of the terrible chores that you have to redecorate in the Delftse Hout, because the mayor suffers from gymnophobia. Happy is the twitter account of Sjimmie van het Strandje not (yet) blocked. So we'll keep in touch. And otherwise you can always do it via the hashtag #Delftsehout.

01-08-2013: Jihad fighter from Leeuwarden to Delft.

Delft is known as the stronghold of Jihad fighters who leave for Syria for the holy war, but now it was the upside-down world. Henceg I went to the front in de Delftse Hout for the Jihad against the nudity policy of the mayor.

Although the nudist beach signs have been removed by the municipality, was the nudist beach easy to find due to the clear map of the Delftse Hout on the site of the municipality. The municipality of Delft has the official nude beach may be lifted, but luckily it still gives an area suitable for nude recreation.

Despite the voucher rain of the past few days, it became a wonderful tropical beach day in the Delftse Hout. The police kept their cool and did not show up. Afraid of difficult questions about a ticket on the site of the Township? Or tired of the whole soap opera? Or is it supervision money on? Was it too hot to dress the nudes?

The trench warfare didn't make everyone streak-free Delftsbuin. A number of frequent offenders avoided it frontally exposed others were dressed in swimming trunks which the mayor would not be out of place. Coincidentally, today was also the NFN on a working visit to the beach.

During the consultation it became clear that the municipality is not succeeding in suppressing the resistance. For strategic reasons, it remains the content of the consultation secret, because the municipality is also reading along. Well a bit of one unequal struggle, because we can calmly all documents request it from the municipality on the basis of the Government Information (Public Access) Act.

Thank you for the hospitality and the pleasant day at the beach, unfortunately no receipt, but an experience richer.

30-07-2013: The Municipality of Delft still promotes the nudist beach on its own site.
The nude beach is still on the map of the Delftse Hout indicated.
All fines can therefore simply go in the trash, because the The municipality of Delft believes that the site is still suitable as a nudist beach.

29-07-2013: SBS6 places call in the guestbook:

Hart van Nederland   29-07-2013 11:55 Hart van Nederland is looking for nude holidaymakers who are angry about the closure of the Delftse Hout nudist beach. This in connection with possible report. Would anyone like to contact 020-8007672. Thank you very much.

28-07-2013: Holland Doc: Put your pants on now.

26-07-2013: The Municipality of Delft has a disappointing response:
Under the guise of a threatening security situation on and around the nudist beach, the police of the municipality receives a license to verbalize well-intentioned naturists.
Why not even take enforcement action against the sex recreationists? They are causing the nuisance! The mayor has the probably been too busy in recent years to do his previous correcting an error of judgment...

Very strange that a place that has been suitable for about 25 years is now suddenly unsuitable.

11-07-2013 NFN in conversation with mayor Delft

Since July 5, the police regularly hand out fines at the nude stand in the Delftse Hout. Because this is for both nude recreationists and the municipality to very undesirable situations, NFN and mayor will speak soon about the situation that has arisen.

05-07-2013: Judgment in summary proceedings  against closure nudist beach.
The tiny nude beach signs need the municipality Delft cannot be put back, because after now it turns out that the terrain did not have the status  of "a by the city council as suitable for undressed public recreation designated place'. The nudist beach remains suitable even without these plates for nude recreation. Much now depends on the mayor Verkerk van Delft, will he continue with the smear campaign against the naturists? Or is he a respectable driver and does he let the naturists in peace, until a replacement place is found? With a beautiful sunny weekend ahead of us we will do it soon know......

Thursday, July 4, 2013 is the summary proceedings that the NFN brings against the closure of the nudist beach.

The verdict is not only crucial for this beach, but also for public nudity recreation in The Netherlands. Does the court allow that in the case of sexual nuisance, which is not caused by naturists, the nudist beach by the municipality is closed?
Or the judge puts the police to work and the responsible for the nuisance dealt with?

20-06-2013: NFN initiates summary proceedings against the closure of the nudist beach

13-06-2013: the commonnteraad van Delft agrees to the formal closure from the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout. The alderman will together with the naturists looking for another suitable location for a nudist beach. In half a year he will come with a report to the council. Too bad it wasn't chosen to keep the nudist beach open during the search of the alderman. Now the outcome for this site is already clear; there no replacement nudist beach is found.

The College of Mayor and Aldermen indicates again to fail completely in maintaining around the small one quiet beach. Again it has emerged that nude recreation is not the problem in itself, but the sexual nuisance of mainly male visitors.
The nudist beach therefore remains just as suitable for nude recreation as in the previous 30 years.

This will undoubtedly be continued.

14-05-2013: Hooray, the closure of the nudist beach in the Delftse Hout is far from done, as evidenced by the committee meeting of 14 May. A number of political groups are absolutely in favor of keeping the nudist beach and a number of other groups think that there is too much uncertainty is created by the closure. The Alderman indicates that only the official status of the nudist beach has been lifted, but that nude recreation is just remains possible in (entire) Delftse Hout on the basis of Article 430a of the Criminal Code. Alone nuisance will result in a fine.
The NFN was also present at the committee meeting as a speaker.

In the council meeting of June 13, the closure will be further treated. It is already clear that there will certainly be a motion in which B&W is asked to keep the nudist beach open.

A few years ago, the neighboring municipality of Rijswijk, with list en deception the has been lifted. City Council was only informed at the insistence of this site, but then the nudist beach had already disappeared from the face of the earth.
Fortunately, the city council of Delft thinks that naturists also have rights.

11-04-2013: The mayor and aldermen of Delft have decided to close the nudist beach.

The letter that B&W sent to the city council contains an argument about the own inability to use on and around the small nudist beach to take enforcement action
It is clear that the problems relate only to sexual nuisance by visitors who use the use nudist beach and the surrounding area as a gentlemen's hangout (HOP). Furthermore, there has been consultation with some interested party to look for a solution, but the municipality is so little solution-oriented that presumably the final decision had already been made; the nudist beach is closing.

From a legal point of view, the 1984 decree, whereby the small beach was designated as suitable for nude recreation, withdrawn. According to B&W, this makes nude recreation punishable, but B&W does not know the law:

Article 430a (Criminal Code)
He who is outside a council approved by the city council as suitable for unclothed public recreation designated place, unclothed is located in or at a place intended for public traffic who is not suitable for unclothed recreation will be punished with a fine of the first category.

The site has been suitable for almost 30 years (in the eyes of the Municipality of Delft) for nude recreation; removing the tiny nude beach signs will be on the  suitability for nude recreation changes little.
Visitors who may be fined can report to the NFN.
May 14 will be the closure of the nudist beach Delftse Hout dealt with in committee BLD

Also check out the website of Herman van der Helm who is committed to preserving the nudist beach.

11-11-2012: On the there is a message that the municipality has this beach may want to close. The NFN is aware and is with it in process. Hopefully this nudist beach will not be lost.

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