Nudist beach Delftse Hout
Delft Blootloop case Higher appeal

Delft Blootloop Case Higher appeal hearing November 23, 2016.

Today the Delft Blootloop case was followed up. The Public Prosecution Service was lodged an appeal in cassation against the acquittal in the appeal, n because the term obviously unsuitable is not in the law and would be insufficiently motivated.

The Public Prosecution Service repeated the old positions, which must show that the Delftse Hout has become unsuitable overnight for nude recreation. Very coincidentally, the time comes when the beach has become unsuitable for nude recreation exactly corresponds to the formal closure of the nudist beach by the Township. The arguments that the Public Prosecution Service used were at the beginning of this year already leaked in De Toga column: from the NRC of 06-01-2016. It's too bad that the Public Prosecution Service has not taken note of the reaction of this site to the Togacolumn.

The argument was further supported by a video that had to demonstrate that, over the years, the Delftse Hout has become a city ??park had become comparable to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

The defense discussed the concept of nudity in detail. And that the naked human body absolutely does not have to be shocking. Reference was also made to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of the Naked Rambler, who did have the right of "free expression" (= being naked), but that this is too extreme transit by appearing naked everywhere.
Furthermore, the defense argued that the Public Prosecution Service is inadmissible, because the nude recreationists have been ticketed for the (alleged) sexual to prevent nuisance in the area. This is contrary to the principle that legal remedies are only used for the purpose for which they are intended. (détournement de pouvoir).

The verdict is on January 18, 2017.

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