Nudist beach Delftse Hout
Press release NFN

Press release NFN

NFN asks Mr. Gerard Spong as counsel for appeal

Amersfoort, 11 February 2014
At the end of January, the subdistrict court judged nude recreationists in 34 cases from the Delftse Hout free. The eight people those who have not been (fully) acquitted will now appeal. With help from the NFN, Mr. Gerard Sponge willing to provide legal assistance to these people.

8 more fines after mass trial

On Tuesday, January 28, the subdistrict court in The Hague ruled about 43 fines imposed in the summer of 2013 have been distributed to users of the nudist beach in the Delftse Wood. This beach is by the municipality of Delft once designated for nudity recreation and as such for 30 years in usage. In 34 cases, the judge ruled the people free from transgression of the Law, but there are 8 people who have not yet been acquitted. This 8 people will appeal in consultation with the NFN against the verdict.

Unworkable judge's ruling
Despite the many acquittals, the NFN is not happy with the verdict from the judge. The criterion of 150 (other) beach visitors to determine whether it beach is suitable for nude recreation according to the NFN random and further in practice total unworkable and therefore undesirable. The eligibility cannot have been changed with a number criterion. Both the ticketed and the NFN feel the beach location was suitable for nude recreation at the time of the fines and want this would like to see confirmed on appeal.

Law must be respected
The NFN wants for the almost 2 million Dutch nude recreationists the existing public recreation room open to keep. She does this with all possible means, ranging from consultation to legal battle. We come uphold legal errors and do not accept unjustified limitation of the space that the
Act to the nudist offers.

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