Nudist beach Delftse Hout
Press release NFN

Press release NFN:

Amersfoort, 24 June 2014

Swimsuit 151 arrives: "dress up!"

Appeal for nude recreationists against the Delftse Hout judgment

On Friday 27 June, 10 . will stand on appeal in The Hague nude holidaymakers to court. They are assisted by counsel Gerard Spong, who was hired for this by NFN, interest group for nudist recreation and naturism. It court is asked during the appeal for a annul a previous judgment of the criminal court. That verdict meant that nude recreationists were not unclothed in the Delftse Hout are allowed to stay as soon as there are more than 150 dressed visitors there.

According to the nude holidaymakers and according to NFN, this means that a sentence that is contrary to the law and specifically to the purpose of art. 430a WvS. Lawyer Gerard Spong goes that explain to the Court on behalf of the convicted nude recreationists and ask for acquittal.

The background to this case is the closure in 2013 of the nudist beach in de ., which has existed for more than 30 years Delftse Hout by the municipality of Delft and the following rain of fines when the regular group of nude recreationists just stayed down. In this context, the Municipality of Delft relies on 'nuisance' that would be in the Delftse Hout. This nuisance is however, never observed by the nude holidaymakers.

That counsel Spong was asked by NFN to pay the fine assisting holidaymakers has to do with the principle nature of the issue: not a municipality or a mayor determines whether a place is suitable for nude recreation, but the The holiday maker can - also at a non-officially designated place - decide for yourself whether that place is suitable. He needs do not first check the number of swimming trunks in the area count.

The hearing will take place on Friday, June 27 at 9 a.m. in the Court of Appeal in The Hague. The verdict will be announced about 14 days later expected.

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