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Yes, of course we are Furious.


31-07-2010: The beach pavilion Yes, of course has not been built yet. If it is up to the owner, the beach pavilion will no longer open this year. (Despite the fact that, according to the Municipality of Zijpe, the owner is obliged to build the beach pavilion). On Sunday (11-07) there was a small protest action against the owner van der Ploeg, who is accused of only being concerned with his own interests. The photo shows some of the many dissatisfied customers.

Meanwhile the owner has placed this sign on the beach:


The slogans that were chalked on the substructure of the beach pavilion during the protest action have been made illegible with black paint. Unfortunately, Mr. van der Ploeg did not consider it necessary to notify this site of the intention not to open the beach pavilion this year.

Also last year, Mr. van der Ploeg believes that the naturist should be left out in the cold by not opening the doors until July. The owner, Thomas van der Ploeg, also a councilor of the municipality of Zijpe (VVD), would do well to resign his councilorship with immediate effect. The interests of Thomas van der Ploeg and those of the municipality of Zijpe are clearly incompatible.

By a message on the site of the, it becomes clear which game mr. van der Ploeg plays. He wants to use the beach pavilion "Yes, Naturally" to obtain a beach pavilion at Voordijk cheaply. Not too attractive as a businessman, but as a councilor and party chairman of the VVD very reprehensible. It has Mr. Van der Ploeg took some effort to repaint all the slogans on the substructure of his pavilion. What do you mean “Owner Van der Ploeg has not noticed anything of that promotion”. According to the lease contract, Mr van der Ploeg is obliged to build the pavilion. I have requested the municipality of Zijpe to have the pavilion built as quickly as possible.

On July 29 an article "Noise on the nude beach" appeared in Het Noordhollands Dagblad. This shows that Mr. van der Ploeg is still negotiating with the municipality, this contradicts the sign placed by him. Are the negotiations going on about "the failure of the municipality to attract crowded beaches" and stingy customers?

And whether the customers will ever return? And will the name remain "Yes, Of course"? Or will it become "Yes, Of course we are Furious"?

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On 6-08-2010 I received the following response from the municipality of Zijpe:

Dear Mr. Tasma,

The problem has been discussed with Mr. V.d. Plow. Mr. V.d. Ploeg states that the biggest problem lies in the sanitary facilities. The municipality, in consultation with Mr V.d. Plow to get out of this impasse. Construction this year is (probably) no longer possible. The season is almost over. The municipality's aim is to have a facility / pavilion on this part of the beach again next year. To be continued.

Kind regards, P. Morsch, Alderman.

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Look here for older photos of the beach pavilion Yes, of course.

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