Nudist beach Callantsoog

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Nudist beach
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GPS  52.82490, 4.68555
Voor navigatie gebruik: Parkeren/OV/Fiets

Nudist beach via Sint Maartenszee
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GPS  52.80429, 4.67788
Voor navigatie gebruik: Parkeren/OV/Fiets

[1400 m] Free parking, Strandslag 13, Kiefteglop
There is a parking lot here for around 250 cars, and when there is a lot of traffic there is also parking along the road (around 60 places)

route planner: Google Maps
GPS: 52.83322, 4.69527
place: Callantsoog
street: Zuidschinkeldijk 2
zip code: 1759 JH

[2070 m] Free parking, Strandslag 15, Sint Maartenszee.
Here is a parking area for around 300 cars. (there is often still enough room here in the event of heavy traffic). Mondays there is the Kofferbakmarkt. Go to the beach at strandslag 14, Sint Maartenszee Noord. Tip: Take the bikes with you, so you'll be on the beach in no time.

route planner: Google Maps
GPS: 52.79112, 4.68879
place: Sint Maartenszee
street: Zeeweg 91
zip code: 1753 BA

Public transport 9292
op 20 min.
enter: Strandslag Kiefteglop, Callantsoog

Public transport 9292
op 30 min.
enter: Goudvis, Sint Maartensvlotbrug

[1100 m] Callantsoog Strandopgang 13, Kiefteglop
route planner: Google Maps

[800 m] Sint Maartenszee Strandslag 14, Burg. Breebaartweg
route planner: Google Maps

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