Nudist beach Callantsoog

Last visited 12-08-2020

official nudist beach
between pole 14,50 en 16,80
length 2300 meter
free parking at 1400 m / 2070 m
bus stop at 20 minutes / 30 minutes
bicycle storage on 1100 m / 800 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on 1650 m
sloping bottom
main dams
waste bins
dogs allowed
beach pavilion on 200 m
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Already in the middle of the fifties, of the last century, a group of naturists on a piece of beach behind the Zwanenwater recreated naked. This group grew over the years and was well organized. When police checks approached, everyone was immediately warned, they quickly put on a pair of pants and when the officers had left it went immediately again. In September 1970, questions were asked about this in the city council of Callantsoog. (then an independent municipality). The municipality decided in consultation with the NFN to initiate a trial process. In August 1971, the Amsterdammers Nel Molenkamp and Ton Wilhelm voluntarily received a coupon. Even after an appeal, the judge found that this was not in violation of the criminal code (violation of public chastity). On April 27, 1973, the city council of Callantsoog decided, by five votes in favor and two against, to allow nude recreation on a beach section south of Callantsoog.
With this, Callantsoog became the first official nudist beach in the Netherlands. The original nudist beach section of 370 meters, eventually developed into one of the largest nudist beaches in the Netherlands with a length of 2300 meters in the years that followed. Other Times made one documentary about nudity in Callantsoog.

Nude recreation is allowed between posts 14.50 and 16.80 . This is clearly signposted. From 2017, the nudist beach has also become a dog free area. It is just before the official start of the nudist beach beach pavilion Zilte Zucht . Nude is not allowed on the terrace. There is also a toilet here. Before 2012, the beach pavilion Yes, Of course stood here. With the name change of the beach pavilion, an era in which nudity is still natural has come to an end.

In practice, naked recreation is already taking place well in front of the beach pavilion (about pole 14.10). Also from the side of Sint Maartenszee nude recreation takes place well (approximately 17.25) before the official start. In 2017, the municipality tried to end the tolerance policy. As a result, this site has requested to expand the nudist beach on both sides . Unfortunately, no response has been received yet.

There is no direct bathing supervision on the beach, the nearest lifeguard post is at pole 13. On the side of Sint Maartenszee it becomes beach guarded by the Rescue Brigade Sint-Maartenszee at about 960 meters from the southern border.

There are dams every 200 meters along the entire length of the beach, which are not visible at high tide. Swimming close to the breakwaters is very dangerous.
De dichtstbijzijnde officiële zwemwaterlocatie is Callantsoog op 1650 meter afstand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
Recente controle: in orde

Tide for Callantsoog (source
Datehigh water referred to NAPlow water referred to NAP
today24-5-202409:08    +53 cm21:07    +51 cm02:21    -96 cm14:45    -91 cm
tomorrow25-5-202409:39    +55 cm21:27    +45 cm02:55    -96 cm15:23    -92 cm
day after tomorrow26-5-202409:32    +58 cm21:45    +39 cm03:22    -94 cm16:01    -92 cm
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