Nudist beach Brielse Maas

04-03-2011: The Recreation Board Voorne-Putten-Rozenburg will the nudist beach is maintained to a limited extent. The sunbathing area loses the recreational destination and will only be used twice a year mowed. It is unclear whether the beach has the official status of nudist beach will keep. It is not yet known whether the toilet block will remain in use.

Don't let this beautiful nudist beach go to waste and protest en masse:
The NFN calls on visitors to protest against this cut.
This site has now approached the recreation board for further information.

11-03-2011: Hooray: Recreational board Voorne-Putten-Rozenburg has following the letter from the NFN and also the reactions of visitors to the nudist beach decided the intended cutbacks on the nudist beach not yet through this year feed. Furthermore, the recreation board will consult with the NFN and users to talk about the future of it beach. This seems like a step in the right direction, but we must of course remain alert that we cannot see this beautiful beach, with all amenities.

23-04-2011: According to, a signature campaign launched against the plans of the Recreational board Voorne-Putten-Rozenburg. Good luck. Update: 464 signatures were collected over the Easter weekend.

13-05-2011: FORNE PUTTEN - On Friday afternoon, May 13, 540 signatures of concerned users of the ancient naturist field and beach on the Brielse Meer offered to alderman Kees Dijkman of Spijkenisse.

Alderman Dijkman takes a seat on behalf of the municipality of Spijkenisse in the day-to-day management of the responsible recreation area Brielse Meer and since proportionally the most visitors to this cozy site from Spijkenisse and area, some representatives of the users the envelope with signatures. In just three warm days in April they were put.\

Source: Hellevoetsluis Post

23-06-2011: The Recreation Board Voorne-Putten-Rozenburg gives in a letter indicates that the recreation board will continue to talk with the Interest group "naturist site Brielse  More" to get together reach a mutually agreeable solution. The 540 signatures by the alderman Dijkman at the recreation have been handed over, underline according to the recreation the plea for the preservation of the naturist area. The NFN will advise the interest group further.

30-07-2011: Sex meeting place next to scouting club building
In the EenVandaag summer series 'Overlast', attention is paid to the scouting clubs in Brielle, South Holland.

02-08-2011: Brielse Meer seems to be a meeting place

21-12-2011: Naturism on the nudist beach Brielse Maas is still in great danger! It looks like the terrain is already next year will be affected by the already announced budget cuts of the manager Groenservice Zuid-Holland. For more information read on the report of the interest group Brielse Maas.

The interest group Brielse Maas is also looking for reinforcements from engaged and enthusiastic visitors. Sign up on

08-03-2012: The interest group Brielse Maas sent a letter on 23 January 2012. letter to the Board of the Recreational board Voorne, Putten and Rozenburg with the request to waive the planned cutbacks in the naturist area Zoom-East on the Brielle Lake.

On February 22, at the request of the district manager GZH (Groenservice Zuid-Holland) the letter by the interest group Brielse Maas explained. The self-motivation of the naturists on and around was also discussed site to reduce costs. The GZH has a list provided with an overview of work and maintenance what they commit to the terrain.
On February 28, the interest group published this discussed and filled in the list what we could possibly do as a naturist ourselves able to do work.

On March 22, the letter and the list will be submitted to the annual board meeting and hopefully will follow on April 26th the result.

29-04-2012:Good news for the beach.

As it now seems, the survival of the naturist area has been secured for the next 5 years. The interest group Naturist site Brielse Meer and the NFN has in consultation with the area manager, Groenservice South Holland (G.Z-H), a proposal drawn up for the preservation of the naturist area.

On 21-06-2012 the proposal will be treated in the General Best hourly meeting. This meeting is public and the interest group and the NFN will be present at the meeting to to be explained orally.

A brief summary of the proposal:

  • The interest group Naturist area Brielse Meer will become a foundation and part of the regular maintenance take oneself. (collecting litter, keeping weed free from the beaches, performing minor repairs and hanging up and overtaking the ball lines).
  • The site will receive a one-off major maintenance (the refurbishment of the toilet block and the beaches), reducing the facilities on site for the next 5 remain stable for years. There is no money in the budget reserved for major maintenance.
  • About keeping the naturist area open in the long term are proposals from the interest group Naturist site Brielse Meer awaited.
  • A proposal to reduce sexual nuisance on and especially around the naturist area.

PRESS RELEASE (NFN / recreation board Voorne-Putten-Rozenburg)
Schiedam/Amersfoort, June 28, 2012

Nude recreation area Brielse Meer remains

The general board of the recreation center Voorne-Putten-Rozenburg decided in the meeting of 28 June to maintain the nudist recreation area on the Brielse Meer. At an earlier stage, the naturist site was in danger of being closed due to planned maintenance cuts. The fact that the nudist recreation area can continue to exist in its current form is partly due to the naturists themselves, who have declared themselves willing to contribute to the management and maintenance of the area. Under the name of the Brielse Meer Public Naturist Area Foundation (SONBM), they will take on these tasks from next year. The recreation board will perform major maintenance on the site once.

Increase public safety
In addition, the recreation board will make an effort to permanently reduce public sex in the vicinity of the scouting building and the nudist beach by implementing a number of management measures. This includes increasing supervision, placing prohibition signs and making a meeting place impossible.

View of this site on this press release:
It is of course nice that the naturist area remains open (for the time being). It is absurd that the burden of an austerity operation is passed on to a specific group of users. The recreation board forces users to set up a foundation, so that it can guarantee a (minimum) cutback. And the future remains uncertain....
And should only the naturists roll up their sleeves, or are the textile holidaymakers also put to work?

The statement on the website of Groenservice Zuid-Holland therefore does not seem to apply to naturists: "Everyone has the right to green. To move, relax and slow down. In your own way. Groenservice Zuid-Holland (G.Z-H) makes it possible."

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