Nudist beach Brielse Maas
Letter to the Recreation Board Voorne, Putten and Rozenburg

Subject: cutbacks in the naturist area
(letter by email and by post)

Dear Board,

We have been Naturist terrain for a year as an Interest Group Brielse Meer in close consultation with GZH. Reason for this consultation are the far-reaching austerity measures, presented at a meeting in Zuidland, which should be completed this year get and eventually make sure that it naturist area de Zoom-East on the Brielse Meer not unfettered and free to use more by this particular group of holidaymakers, although the destination as "public property suitable for nude recreation" legally will not change.

Although we will of course continue discussions with the GZH, we would like to ask you to reconsider and waive your decision of the planned cuts. We think it is hard to digest that of us as the only target group both financial and concrete effort is required to meet the Brielse Maas, while the cutbacks in the nudist beach are not spectacular. In addition, you inform us the maintained recreational locations offer no alternative.

As a first act, in the spring of 2011, we have no less than 540 signatures collected in three days from recreationists and those offered to the alderman of Spijkenisse, Mr. C. Dijkman. You have received these signatures taken and so know that there is a considerable group here concerns holidaymakers.

In addition, we have become a discussion partner of the Mayor of Brielle, Mrs. Van Viegen, about the countering nuisance by another group of users. if interest group, we have put time and effort into a feasible plan, which should both reduce the nuisance of contact seekers diminish if the scenic attractiveness of the area to increase. This plan is in the fall of 2011 presented to Mrs. Van Viegen and for further processing passed on.

During the conversations with GZH, that side's wish came to forward, to convert the Interest Group into a legal entity( foundation), this in order to be able to make and maintain sustainable agreements ensure continuity. The Interest Group respects this wish, but notes that we are the only interest group to achieve such formal step, while that of others user groups is not prompted. In view of the fact that it apparently it is possible to reach an agreement with user groups come within the framework of the management of the Oostvoornse Meer (see the agreement concluded with the kitesurfers there), We therefore urge you to check whether this construction is also possible on the naturist area at Zoom-east. Establishing a foundation involves costs, whereby we as group have to take on financial risks that we prefer to prevent. Most visitors to the site come from the region and already contribute indirectly through the OZB to the recreation area.

At the end of 2011, we received a proposal from GZH to take over management of the site in order to make the cuts for to catch a part. We are currently investigating the possibilities to what extent we, through self-motivation and hiring external parties we can use the site to keep. A future foundation must then have a conclude a user contract with GZH and regularly check it yourself mowing the lawn from this spring. It's got to get us off it heart, that the maintenance of this specific and unique site (which can only be used for one purpose, with no alternative to the Lake), costs only €23,000 per year and that at just such a, relatively low amount (according to the statement of GZH €16,400) per year) is being cut with such major consequences for the users, given the lack of any kind of alternatives.

From the principle of equality and from the idea that everyone should be able to recreate in a recreational area, we know that we are the only group financially and effectively be held responsible for the maintenance of a terrain,. You also offer us no alternative to the Brielse Meer for this specific, environmentally friendly and sustainable way of recreation. Given the nature of the naturist recreational form has always cost the site little for years. Waste is always neatly collected and in a central place handed in and the mowers can start working immediately. This in unlike in other locations. This is thanks to efforts that we have always made and also in the will continue to deliver in the future. We see this all over financial picture not returned.

Also, no major reservations were made, given the fact that the jetty, being in poor condition, is not repaired but simply partly demolished and so on can no longer be used by us as a bathing jetty.

Just like s you probably we were unpleasant this year surprised by the way in which safety and sexual nuisance made the news last year. Because of our presence in the beach season and through the social control of our visitors there is no sexual nuisance on the nudist beach. We are convinced that when you reach the destination "flowery grassland" for the current nudist beach, here too sexual harassment will occur. We expect the whole area will deteriorate further. Enforcement or prevention will therefore be a cost increase (for any party).

Of course we are not blind to your needs either economize. That's why we want the self-motivation that we now also already perform expand (we discuss this with the GZH) and are we also willing to pay in moderation for our beach visit (e.g. through parking fees).

Nevertheless, we request the board of the Recreation, therefore, to clearly take into account these qualities, the fact that the naturists as a group do not can go to another, maintained, beach and therefore a wants to claim an exceptional position within the recreational population on the Brielse Meer. we request the board of the Recreation with this one, the planned cuts too reconsider, so that this form of recreation this year and in the future can take place in a familiar way.

As a result of this letter, we would like to have a conversation to enter into with the Board of the Recreation Board.

Pending a reply from your side, we remain with Yours faithfully,

On behalf of the Interest Group Naturist Park Brielse Meer

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