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Hello, welcome to my website nakedstrandje.nl. I'm Tjipke Tasma from Leeuwarden and since 1981 a loyal visitor to the nudist beach in the Green Star near Leeuwarden. In early 2006 I started a site about this nudist beach, under the simple name strandje.nl. At the same time, I also bought the domain for this site. Halfway through 2007 I really started to visit all the nudist beaches myself. In the meantime I have visited most nudist beaches several times and what strikes me is how much changes again and again. Nudist beaches are (unfortunately) being closed, moved or redesigned. Read here the interview with me naked (pdf).

With this site I want to promote public nudity recreation and also ensure that nude recreation remains possible in as many places as possible. Because I know from my own experience that the nudist beaches are often hard to find, I was the first in the Netherlands to put the correct locations in Google Earth and Google Maps. I have listed the nudist beaches per province. Other naturist activities can also be found on the province page. The information about a nudist beach is spread over 4 pages.
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And again, probably unnecessarily, this is not a sex site, but just a site for people who, like me, like to recreate naked.

beach Maintaining this site costs money.
If you want to help me a little bit, place all your orders at Bol.com via this link. I will then receive a small commission on all your purchases.

All nudist beaches on the site have been visited by myself. The pages also indicate when I last visited the nudist beach.
Most nudist beaches are official nudist beaches and are also on the site of the NFN. These nudist beaches are often clearly indicated with signs. Especially on the coast, nude recreation is often already done well before the official start of the nudist beach.

Nude recreation takes place on many quiet beaches on the coast, not too close to the beach crossings.

Route page

I have determined the correct location of the nudist beach with the help of determined a navigation system.
I have incorporated this information into a Google Maps map on the route page.
It is also always indicated where parking is possible. The nudist beaches are generally difficult to reach by public transport. The walking time from the nearest bus stop to the nudist beach is also indicated. In the beach season, there are often additional options.
Under downloads the routes can be downloaded.

Photo page

The photos are also an important part of the site. I try to photograph the beaches as much as possible with good beach weather. This is about the location as good as possible image without violating the privacy of visitors. There are no clearly recognizable people on the site depicted. Most beaches have been photographed without visitors being present. Unfortunately this gives a bit less pleasant impression.

Guestbook page

Because I often only visit the nudist beaches for a short time, I don't want to pass judgment on the nudist beach. Special for this is at each nudist beach a guest book is available, so that visitors can mention experience. Do not use the guestbook for dating, that's not what it's for.
Sex recreationists are not welcome on the nudist beaches and also not in the guestbook.

Tolerate beaches

Article 430a of the Act The book of Criminal Law reads (since May 21, 1986) as follows:

" Anyone who is unclothed in or at a place intended for public traffic outside a place designated by the municipal council as suitable for unclothed public recreation, who is not suitable for unclothed recreation will be punished with a fine of the first category."

The discussion of this article in the House of Representatives has shown that not only in places that the city council deems appropriate unclothed recreation may take place, but that in in fact in all places intended for public traffic where this is suitable unclothed may be recreated. The court will determine whether there is indeed a suitable place as referred to in this article. Only if the nature of the place or the circumstances are such that it is no longer reasonable to speak of suitability, the offense retains a certain degree of criminality.

The site also lists a number of beaches where nude recreation is tolerated on the basis of the above Article 430a of the law. I found a number of these tolerated nude beaches via the internet and a number of them have been visited by visitors of registered the site. These are always locations where, for a long time, used by a reasonable group of serious naturists created. These nudist beaches generally do not have any facility and usually there is no official swimming place here either present.

In general, nudist recreation in places that are not designated leads to few problems.

If you want to know a lot more about the law article 430a, take a look at the website.

If you know of a nudist beach near you, please send an email to info@naaktstrandje.nl

Swimming water

Almost all nudist beaches have water for swimming.
In general, this is close to an official swimming spot. According to European guidelines, from April to September the quality of the bathing water every two weeks investigated. If it turns out that it is unhealthy or dangerous to swim in the water, the province issues a warning (negative swimming advice) or even a swimming ban. With most official swimming places, at recreational lakes, are in the water driving lines installed. The drivelines are usually fitted as a separation between the shallow and the deep water and avoid collisions with other water users.
Within the buoyancy lines, the bathing water usually has a gradually sloping bottom, so that the bathing water is also suitable for inexperienced swimmers. The water depth can be adjusted after the buoyancy lines sometimes increase very quickly. Sometimes only allowed within the drivelines are (naked) swum.

On the page safe swimming naked you can find the current bathing water quality stated from the nearest official swimming location. There are also many swimming tips on this page.

The smallest nudist beach in the Netherlands, and the office of this site; my own garden.
Tjipke Tasma,

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