Route downloads nude beaches Netherlands.

Navigation to the nudist beach

This page contains downloads (nude beaches and parking facilities) for various popular navigation systems.
Always use the file P-nude beaches when navigating to the beach. With extra information about the walking distance to the nudist beach [Walking 1300 m] and the parking fee [P-paid 19.00 euros (max) 5.50 euros per hour].

TomTom ov2 files

  1. Go to and log in with your TomTom account.
  2. Make sure there is 400 MB of free memory on your navigation system. You can check the available space by choosing Menu->Help->Info on your TomTom.
  3. Connect your TomTom to your computer.
  4. To add POI files, go to the following page on your computer:
  5. Choose `My Places'->'POI Files' in the menu.
  6. Now select `Import POI file' and choose the file you want to add to your TomTom.
  7. Synchronization starts as soon as your TomTom is connected to the computer.

MioMap csv  file
Use Mio more Desktop to place these files on the Mio.

Garmin csv files
. Place these files with the program: 
POI Loader on the Garmin.
You can watch this YouTube video

lmx files (zip-file)
Loose: P-Nude Beaches.lmx, Nude Beaches.lmx
(save files in the download folder, install by opening the file)

Navman csv files
Using SmartST Desktop, place the files on the Navman.

Navigon csv files (zip-file, unzip)
Place the files with Navigon Fresh on the Navigon.
For old types Navigon asc files Some types require installation with POIWarner, cost approximately 30 euros.

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