Nudist beach Wilhelminapolder

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 25-07-2018

tolerated nudist beach
length 200 meter
free parking at 340 m
not suitable for the disabled
water quality measuring point on 2000 m
sloping bottom
dogs allowed
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In the Wilhelminapolder, a reclaimed area north of Goes, you can find beach recreation in a number of places along the dike place. On the west side at the Zandkreekdam  lies the official swimming location Katse Veer Badstrand and on the east side There is a popular beach at Het Sas. About halfway through Both beaches have an area where (on a limited scale) the dike is recreated naked. The dike was strengthened in 2012 A cycle path has also been constructed, making the original location has become less suitable for nude recreation. Now is recreated about 400 meters west nude, where it asphalt cycle path stops and turns into the bumpy dike slope.For the route description, see the route page.

It is not an officially designated nudist beach, but the area is Due to its remote location it is definitely suitable for nudity recreation. The area is located on the Zandkreek, a shallow side arm of the Oosterschelde and is not designed for beach recreation. The grass slope of the dike is used as a sunbathing area and there is no sandy beach available.
There are also no further facilities.

At low tide a large area dries up, meaning there is no water can be swam. Due to the stones present Wearing water shoes is recommended when swimming.

De dichtstbijzijnde officiële zwemwaterlocatie is Katse Veer Badstrand op 2000 meter afstand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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