Nudist beach Wilhelminapark


Last visited 30-04-2011

surface 0.3 hectares
free parking at 450 m
bus stop at 20 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
water quality measuring point on 160 m
waste bins
no dogs allowed
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Rijswijk insults naturists and

14-01-2011: The minutes, 21-12-2010, of B&W Rijswijk state the decisionthat nude recreation in the Wilhelminapark will be abolished.

Literal text minutes B&W Rijswijk, 21-12-2010:

"Subject: Reporting on abolition of nude recreationWilhelminapark B. and W. conclude:
  1. To abolish nude recreation in the Wilhelmina Park;
  2. Inform the council about the abolition of nude recreation in the Wilhelmina Park;
  3. To agree with the answer to the questions asked by about
    the abolition of the nudist beach.'

In the city council of 08-02-2011 was the letter from nudestrandje.nlon the agenda with the documents received. Unfortunately, it came off the councilno response to the letter. Incorrect information appears to be thecouncil should not be a problem.

New:The notice of objectionfrom on the Wob request.

Update 08-02-2011: Municipality of Rijswijk postpones decision on with 6 weeks. Received no later than April 12, decision.

Update 8-4-2011: Municipality of Rijswijk sends a letter with thenotice that the end of the deadline (April 12, 2011) is not correctbut must be May 5, 2011. (The 6 weeks extra will only start after the objection period has expired).

Update 20-04-2011: Themunicipality of Rijswijk declares's notice of objection unfounded.

According to the letter, the municipality only communicates with citizens ifit concerns a WOB request. So the first WOB request has already been madesent to the municipality of Rijswijk...

New: Article in GeneralDaily newspaper of 13-01-2011.

Strange, now that the nudist beach has been "dug away" goes B&Wfinally with the buttocks exposed and daring, at the emphatic insistence ofthis site, to inform the council. Hopefully the council will not agreethe abolition of the nudist beach. By cutting down trees andpossibly (partially) filling in the pond and pool banks is possible againa sunbathing area is created. Let the advice also be so easyoffend?

Precisely because of the development of the new residential area Rijswijk Zuid with4250 homes, there will also be more need for (naked) recreation. Thethe presence of a nudist beach within a short (cycling) distance fits in perfectlythe sustainability objectives of the new Rijswijk Zuid residential area.Or does the municipality chase the naturists in the car towards the coast?

11-22-2010: According to the NFN sitethe board of B&W Rijswijk decided to build the nudist beach in the Wilhelminapark in RijswijkClose. The municipality of Rijswijk has completed the refurbishment of theWilhelminapark, in the context of the Zwethzone project, to leave the nudist beach unnoticedto disappear.

In this refurbishment, the water features in the area are connectedconnected and the banks are naturally arranged. The wooden onesshore protection disappears and in its place are, among other things, puddle-marshyand pool banks constructed. The municipality of Rijswijk wants to use these measuresincrease water storage and improve water quality in the park.

For incomprehensible reasons, the sunbathing area, the actual nudist beach, also hashave to make way for puddle-marshy banks. There is only room left for roadside naturism.

Repeated contact with the municipality, both orally(press officer) as via e-mail, has no information whatsoeverdelivered. The municipality has consciously thissite did not inform and also misinformed the NFN.

This site believes that despite the minimal possibilities tonude recreation here, this place is still suitable fornude recreation.
Removing the signs and deleting the provisions from theAPV does not make this place unsuitable for nude recreation.

For a video of the scandalously destroyed nudist beach by the municipality of Rijswijk, look atYouTube.

The NFN asks visitors to the nudist beach to contact the NFN ( course they can also make their objections known to the Rijswijk alderman of, among others.Sport and Green, D. Jense.
Or give your opinion in the guestbook.

Letter to the alderman (23-11-2010)Update 5-12-2010: This site has been waiting for 4 monthson information about the nudist beach.
When will alderman D. Jense finally go with the buttocksnaked. Still no response or acknowledgment receivedon the last email. Shame.

Update 12-15-2010: Letter to the city council of Rijswijk

Update 12-16-2010: In an article in the newspaperThe Hague Central(July 23, 2010) the municipality made the commitment: “Itarea for nudist recreation is indeed getting smaller, but that will comeby the new design for the park. The municipality of Rijswijk does not want tooff the naturist sunbathing area ”, assures aspokesperson for the municipality.
Conclusion: The municipality of Rijswijk is very unreliable.

Update 30-12-2010: Themunicipality of Rijswijk comes up with a (disappointing) answer.

In the autumn of 2010, the Wilhelminapark was redesigned as part of the Zwethzone project.The water features in the area are connected to each other and the banks are naturally arranged. Thewooden embankment has disappeared and in its place are, among other things,pond, marsh and pond banks constructed. With these measures, the municipality wantsRijswijk, among other things, to improve the water quality in the park.

Nude beach

At the beginning of August, the nudist beach was closed for a few days due to archaeological research. Shortly afterwards, the contractor started therefurbishment of the banks. At the nudist beach there is diggingnow completed. The large sunbathing area has had to make way fora pool bank, which has not yet been planted. Also the other green strips alongthe water are gone. Everything there is from the nudist beachwhat remains is a narrow strip along the footpath, where it is hardly possibleare recreated. On the last visit to the nudist beach, wasremoved the sign indicating the nudist beach. Also thesignpost to the nudist beach has been removed.

Nude beach
All references to the nudist beach have been removed.

Regular  text:

The Wilhelmina Park in Rijswijk is a big onewalking park, which was created at the end of the 20th century.
There are plenty of ponds, large lawns, llight slopes andplaces where nature can take its course. In the southwest of itSince July 2001, a small part of the park has been set up fornude recreation. The section is signposted at the beginning,where the nudist beach ends is unclear.
There are no facilities on site.

The bathing water is about 1.50 meters deep and has a muddybackground.
There is no fenced off area for the kids.
De dichtstbijzijnde officiële zwemwaterlocatie is Wilhelminapark - Rijswijk (let op: dit is wel een andere plas als bij het naaktstrand) op 160 meter afstand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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