Nudist beach Wijthmenerplas

25-03-2015: Hooray, the water cable ski course is a one moved considerably westward. As a result, the lane now about 150 meters away from the nudist beach, in instead of the 40 meters in the original plans. This one change is mainly due to the divers, who joined the original location would lose their dive site. It shifting the job also has the favorable consequence that the catering section will be located more to the west lying down. The closest parking to the nudist beach is not reduced as a result and the visitors of the water cable skis are not designated in this parking lot.

09-02-2015: City Council approves plan for the water funicular. A motion is passed in which the municipal executive is called upon to select the alternative route and accompanying preconditions to be included in together with the entrepreneur the further plan elaboration. With the alternative route, partially) met the interests of the divers which, due to the original location of the course, their dive site would lose. What the alternative route looks like is on this unclear at the moment, presumably the track will be a little further from the nudist beach.

13-01-2015: Many questions in the city council over the water cable ski run. read here the report of the two and a half hour debate. Despite the council's critical attitude, the job does seem to be over because the proposal itself will not be put to the vote.
The city council is only asked for a preparation loan available to make the job possible. at 29 The vote on the credit will follow in January.

A small bright spot is that the water cable ski run may be located a little further from the nudist beach, so as to still have room for the diving club that has already been here about Has a dive site for 20 years.

02-01-2015: Lakeside has a applied for an environmental permit from the municipality of Zwolle for the building a pavilion, a start house and placing five masts for a cable car. from the general announcement is not clear which consultation procedure will be followed.

Do you want to be able to quietly go to the nude beach in the future lying down? Write an opinion against the arrival of the water cable ski run.

The plans will be discussed in the city council of on January 12 Zwolle 26-11-2014: This site has per letter on 11/17 objected to the arrival of the cable water ski run. The project manager of the municipality of Zwolle says the following:

"Currently I am a proposal for the college of B&W preparing. Your comment will be included in the decision-making about the plan in the Municipal Executive. The goal is to submit the proposal to the college before the end of this year to lay. After the college of B & W has made a decision the council is informed of the decision. Because the council itself I can't determine when a topic is scheduled concretely say when this topic will be on the council agenda stand. My expectation is that this will be early 2015"

This movie on the Lakeside site (which has since disappeared from the site) shows exactly why we are against the cable water ski course

10-09-2014: Today are really disastrous presented plans for the construction of a cable water ski slope at the Wijthmenerplas. The job comes almost directly in front of it nudist beach about 40 meters from the beach. The entrepreneur Lakeside believes that sufficient account has been taken with the nude holidaymakers, because there is no mast directly in front of the nudist beach is placed. Furthermore, it is difficult to to take everyone into account, that's the excuse.

The often noisy water skiers who reach the passing a nudist beach will ensure that the peace, which characteristic of this part of the puddle, disappears.
Nude holidaymakers will also feel watched by the endless raging past

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