Nudist beach De Potten Sneek
Homosex teases nudist beach De Potten

Leeuwarder Courant 12-10-2016

Gay sex teases nude beach De Potten
Sexing gay men in the bushes cause a nuisance on it nudist beach at recreational lake De Potten in Offingawier. A plate and they have to stop extra patrols.

A woman in a blue windbreaker is strolling over it with her Jack Russel gravel path. ,, Turbo, come. Come here. "" The exuberant creature scratches chasing his nose between the bushes.

From the path, bare buttocks shine through the bushes. Behind the thicket lies the nudist beach of De Potten. It is half past one in the afternoon. The the autumn sun is radiant and the temperatures rise to 16 degrees. Warm to get out of the wind without clothes for an hour of sunshine to grab
A handful of nude runners have nestled on the sheltered beach on the east side of the recreational lake. Out of sight of the walking person passers-by. They are after they put the bridge on the banks of the Snitser Mar have been warned with a sign in three languages that they are approaching a Nudist Beach, Bleatstrân or Nudist Beach.

The sign tells the rules with icons: recreate naked. For all ages. Clean up waste. Respect for others and your environment. No take or film photos. Emergency number. No sex.

Things have gone wrong in recent months with the latter rule. Dog walkers During the warm summer, homosexual men met regularly meet at the beach and have open sex with each other. There are reports of nude runners who, as soon as someone approaches, turn into pencil peddlers.

"Ordinary finishing place"
"It is an ordinary finishing place," says a dog owner east side of the lake. ,, Neat gentlemen in the lunch break here come to their conveniences. ""

It's a shame, thinks the woman who doesn't want to mention her name. ,,Here play children. ""

The municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân is aware of the practices at De Pots. "We have received several reports about it," says Ingrid Burrie, policy adviser Public Order and Safety. ,, Men who have sex and offenders. "
Last summer it was hit several times. As soon as the mercury rose, names the complaints. The problem is "weather-related," says Burrie. ,,In the it hardly ever occurs in winter. "
Maintaining difficulty
In consultation with the Dutch Federation for Nude Recreation (NFN) is a placed a new sign at the nude beach. So with the addition that sex prohibited.

But maintaining is a difficult story, Burrie admits. People are allowed to walk naked on the beach. ,, We facilitate there nude recreation. "" But then they continue outside their book to perform sexual acts, the chance of being caught is low.

The dividing line is thin. "We really have to catch them in the act," says Burrie. Extraordinary investigating officers (BOA) are therefore updating nice weather more often a round along the puddle.

Furthermore, the municipality hopes that the plans are there for one water ski slope in the lake also tackles this problem. ,, Then we look at the layout of the area and groves are thinned so that it is less becomes attractive for offenders. ""

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