Nudist beach Paulinapolder
Judge allows nude recreation in Paulinapolder.

Text: Press release NFN

Amersfoort, January 4, 2011

Judge allows nude recreation in Paulinapolder.

Nude recreation cannot be prohibited in a location designated for this purpose nude recreation is suitable. That is the outcome of a case that was brought before the court in Middelburg on January 4.

Last summer the police issued fines to nude recreationists the Paulinapolder beach (municipality of Terneuzen). The reason for this was that they were naked on a beach that was not approved by the city council nude recreation was recommended. However, according to the law, nude recreation is allowed not only permitted at locations designated by municipalities, but also at locations “suitable” for nude recreation. For example, a beach can used by nudist recreationalists when the beach is not visible is from the public road and when the majority of recreational users is naked.

One of the recreational users who was fined did not agree with his fine did not pay his fine. With the support of the Naturist Federation He had the case taken to court in the Netherlands. Today the judge therefore found that the Public Prosecution Service had not sufficiently demonstrated that the Paulinapolder beach is not suitable for nude recreation and spoke therefore the man is free.

This ruling once again underlines that municipalities have the right to: nudist beaches, but nudist recreation on other suitable ones cannot ban locations. A similar ruling was made in 2007 that the municipality of Veere started nude recreation on Neeltje Jans to officially allow instead of forbid.

The municipality of Sluis also believes that nude recreation is exclusive allowed on the officially designated beach (Groede). On the municipal website you can read that nudist recreation is available on other sites posting is an offense and will be fined. A sentence of equal can be found in the draft beach memorandum that the municipality recently presented. However, Sluis has a very long coastline the demand for locations for nude recreation is greater than the capacity from the official nudist beach in Groede. This is partly why it is appreciated Nude recreation has also been taking place in Cadzand on a limited scale for years.
N.a.v. Today's ruling will allow the NFN to reinstate the municipality of Sluis ask to maintain the tolerance situation in Cadzand or preferably here as well to legalize nude recreation. The NFN will control the municipality of Terneuzen request that no more fines be issued on the beach in the future Paulinapolder.

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