Nudist beach Noord Aa

02-04-2016: The new nudist beach (in use from 2017).

View here some photos of the construction of the new beach.

source: municipality of Zoetermeer.
Construction of the new building will start at the beginning of May nudist beach on the southeast side of the recreation area. On the The photo below is the location of the nudist beach. The dam will be partially removed and the bridge will also be cancelled.
The nudist beach is protected on the land side by a earthen wall (about 1.70 meters high) with a narrow interruption for the access path. There will be a toilet building on the nudist beach with a shower. There will also be a bicycle shed.
The gay beach (bottom right of the photo) is located on the water side is reduced, causing it to lose its (swimming) water. The gay beach will only be accessible from the Asiaweg. View here the complete redevelopment plan of the recreation area. The current nudist beach will be in use until 2017 stay; it is still unclear when the new nudist beach can be used.

09-02-2016: New nudist beach Zoetermeer meets wishes

18-11-2015: New location nudist beach North Aa

In consultation with users of the nudist beach, the location of the nudist beach slightly changed compared to the original plan. Now the nudist beach is coming to the east side of the children's beach. The gay beach area remains unchanged.
The new nudist beach is planned to be in season 2017 is put into operation.

source: NFN

09-04-2015: Naturists prefer not to go to gay meeting place

29-07-2015: The municipality of Zoetermeer has advanced plans to current (family) nudist beach to move to the end of the beach zone on the southeast side. It is intended that this refurbishment is taking place for the next beach season 2016.

The nudist beach will then be located where it is now the gay beach. The gay beach will also continue to exist; this is split into two beach sections. On the water side then the new nudist beach will be located and on the other side, well protected by bushes and a fence, the gay hangout.

Source: Northern Lake District (North AA) Layout sketch Beach zone Zoetermeerse plas June 2015

The location of the new nudist beach has already been determined, but how should the new nudist beach be furnished? The NFN is looking for regular visitors to the (family) nudist beach who want to think along. If you want to influence the design, send a email to

On beautiful warm days, there is a consultation in the area of the municipality, where you can also express your ideas.

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