Nudist beach Larserbos

02-07 / 06-06-2011 : At the moment it seems that the tolerant has come to an end nude recreation on the last beach in the Larserbos. The Forester sends nude guests away and repeatedly threatens to hand out fines. The first fines have already been handed out.
This site has, after a long wait and a lot of insistence, the following response received from the Flevo landscape:

'The Flevo landscape has had access signs at all for years entrances to the Larserbos. The house rules are clearly stated on these signs indicated:


Free walking and cycling on roads and paths
With a dog standing under appeal on roads and paths
(No dogs allowed on the beaches present)
Enter at your own risk
Incidentally prohibited access. Art. 461 Code of Staff Law

Nude recreation is, given the sign (house rules), not Allowed. If we allow other uses of an area, that is clearly indicated on the sign, so that not only the users but other visitors also know what is and what is not permitted.

As the manager of the area, we are the only Flevo landscape authorized to determine what use is permitted in our areas and we also make independent choices about how recreation can and may be in our sites.

Partly because of, among other things, the main recreational function (day and day) accommodation) of the area, the presence of the Bos and Hei and Muiderberg bungalow parks and possibly future ones recreational developments, we have determined that nude recreation is not is permitted in the Larserbos.

I therefore request the information about nude recreation in the Larserbos from your website.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently with this. For further details information you can contact me " ;.


This site believes that a foundation that owns their own pants can not and money from the government is sustained with a lot of subsidy cannot prohibit nude recreation here. The area has one public character (free access), so also here Article 430a Criminal Code applies. In addition, the foundation the (illegal) prohibition of nude recreation not in her house rules included.
Nude recreation has been taking place here since the early 1980s. Not until In 1994 the foundation managed (got?) The area. The naturists are part of the purchase and therefore have all rights!

Has tolerated years of nude recreation in the Larserbos demonstrated that this place is particularly suitable for undressed recreation. With the Placing nudist beach signs can prevent the Flevo landscape other users of the area are unexpectedly confronted with nude visitors. Incidentally, it can be assumed that the residents of the two bungalow parks are sufficiently aware of the presence of the tolerant nudist beach. Since 1 in 9 Dutch people regularly nude, some of the bungalow residents will also enjoy it visit nudist beach for nude recreation.

Against verbalizing action against sex recruits, especially the cause naturists a lot of nuisance, this site has no problem.

This site has a number based on the Government Information (Public Access) Act received documents proving that nude recreation will be from 1985 tolerated A little piece of history:

On August 17, 1983, the municipality of Lelystad receives from a nude reviewer requests to take on a part in the Larserbos nudes for nude recreation. The NFN also approaches the municipality of Lelystad with the same request. A list of around 50 Signatures supports this request.

On 1 December 1983, the municipality of Lelystad applied to Staatsbosbeheer (de manager of the Larserbos) one of the four beaches in the Larserbos to be designated for nude recreation. Because the municipality Lelystad did not want to include the provision in its APV that this is the only one place where nude recreation is allowed, Staatsbosbeheer thought During the consultations between the municipality of Lelystad and Staatsbosbeheer on 15 August 1984, Staatsbosbeheer promises that the nude visitors will be left alone. In 1985 the municipality of Lelystad states in the city bulletin that nude recreation in the Larserbos is tolerated.

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