Nudist beach Larserbos

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 21-08-2020

tolerated nudist beach
surface 0.9 hectares
free parking at 950 m
bus stop at 40 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
sloping bottom
dogs on a lead allowed
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26-08-2023 Het Flevo-landschap, de beheerder van het Larserbos, heeft nu borden langs de paden geplaatst, met de mededeling dat naaktrecreatie in het Larserbos niet is toegestaan. In het vrij toegankelijke Larserbos, geldt gewoon de Nederlandse wetgeving. Volgens art. 430a Sr. is naaktrecreatie op geschikte plaatsen toegestaan, ook al is de plaats niet officieel aangewezen. De buurgemeente Zeewolde werd vorig jaar nog door de rechter teruggefloten toen het naaktrecreatie in haar gemeente verbood, uitgezonderd het Laakse Strand.

Deze site zal verzoeken de borden te verwijderen.


Note, since & nbsp; 2011 the administrator (Flevo landscape) believes that nude recreation is contrary to the house rules. Read more ...
Southeast of Lelystad, close to the airport, it is 350 hectare of Larserbos. In the fairly quiet forest, with two bungalow parks, are many hiking and cycling possibilities.
& nbsp;
The Larservaart runs along the west side of the forest, with at its place the forest a wide, fairly shallow but navigable bowl. The various lakes in the area are directly connected to the Larservaart, but are not navigable. There are one on these forest lakes four beaches, of which on the last, northernmost beach already nude recreation has been tolerated since 1985.

Since 2011, the manager believes that nude recreation is not here is allowed for longer and has a discouragement policy. There used to be a parking space in the forest close to the nudist beach, but this is now closed. Parking on the road in the forest is also & nbsp; not anymore Allowed. Now you have to park at the entrance of the Larserbos in a small parking lot. Although the beach by these measures the area is still very suitable for nude recreation.

The area where nude recreation takes place has a natural function and is therefore not equipped for beach recreation. There are no signs that mark the area.
The beach, an open space in the forest, is threatened by low maintenance continue to grow close. So is the forest lake from it nudist beach hardly visible anymore.
There is now a walking route on the forest side, making this side less suitable for nude recreation.

The sandy beach, which used to be plowed annually, is now almost completely overgrown with wildlife grass. There are no facilities on the nudist beach and in the immediate vicinity. Due to location nearby Lelystad Airport , aircraft can be heard almost continuously.

There is no official swimming place, so the water quality is here not is being checked. The swimming water is only in one place accessible through a narrow opening in the reeds. The bathing water, with a slowly sloping bottom, is a maximum of 1.50 meters deep and has a muddy surface. There are also many plant remains in the water.

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