Nudist beach Cadzand-Bad

05-02-2014: It seems that due to the placement of beach sleeping houses on the (nudist) beach there is an end to more more than 25 years of tolerating nude recreation on the beach at Cadzand-Bad.

The council's proposal will be submitted to the Spatial Planning/AB committee on 12-02-2014 (agenda item 12).

20-07-2011/13: On the municipality's website there is the following message:
Nude recreation is only allowed at designated locations in Sluis
The municipality completely ignores the view of, which is crystal clear it has been clearly demonstrated that the beach section described here suitable for nude recreation.

There will be no extension of it in the final beach memorandum nudist beach at Breskens.
Look further on the page of nudist beach Breskens / Groede

07-05-2011: In the summer of 2011, the Municipality of Sluis no longer nude recreation on this beach section to allow. Both these site as well as the NFN have asked the municipality of Sluis for this in their view on the (draft) beach memorandum 2010 designate a beach area as suitable for nudist recreation. The municipality of Sluis is expected to adopt the beach policy this summer.
Despite the municipality's ban, a large group of naturists still recreate naked.

View on the nudity ban:
The municipality of Sluis has part of the beach at Breskens/Groede in the APV designated as suitable for nude recreation. This doesn't mean that the other beaches are not suitable for nude recreation; on the contrary.
This beach is, according to this site, more suitable for nudist recreation than the beach Breskens/Groede, where nudist recreation takes place, immediately visible (at a short distance) from a (recently constructed!) continuous cycle path. Also the location being close to a beach pavilion does not make the beach unsuitable for nude recreation. Bee Breskens/Groede is also one beach pavilion a short distance from the nudist beach.

The website of the Municipality of Sluis mentions "Incorrect notification of tolerance policy on internet site". Nude recreation is already allowed on this beach section Tolerated for 20 years, so the information on the website municipality of Sluis is incorrect.

The municipality does not have either the authority to designate areas where nudist recreation not allowed. When taking verbal action (if the case occurs) the municipality of Sluis will have to demonstrate that this is the case described beach section is unsuitable for nudist recreation. The lawsuit against lawyer G. Spong has shown that this is very difficult.
Furthermore, it is very unfortunate that the municipality does not include this site has informed you of the changed policy.

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