Nudist beach Cadzand-Bad


Last visited 24-07-2019

length 200 meter
paid parking at 360 m / 450 m
bus stop at 10 minutes
bicycle storage on 280 m / 150 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on the beach
sloping bottom
main dams
waste bins
dogs on a lead allowed
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01-01-2018 Vanaf 2018 is deze locatie komen te vervallen door gewijzigde omstandigheden.


Due to the placement of the beach house on the beach, nearbyDue to the tolerance area for nude recreation, this location has become less suitable for nude recreation.
Some regular guests still recreate naked, hidden behind windbreaks and tents. When swimmingput on swimwear. This site discourages nude recreation at this location.

Beach houses are now close to the tolerated part of the nudist beach.

Sandwiched between the beach pavilion and the beach houses, the beach is less suitable for thisnude recreation.

The enlarged beach pavilion DOK 14

Old text:

Please note: The municipality of Sluis is of the opinion that nude recreation is only possibleallowed on the official nudist beach at Breskens/Groede.
Read here more.

To this day (2015) still takes place on this beach section always nudist recreation. If you don't want to have to deal with fines, etc., you can better choose the official nudist beach.

In the far southwest of the country, near the border with Belgium, lies the seaside resort of Cadzand-Bad, with the cleanest and greenest beaches in the Netherlands. Cadzand-Bad is located in Zeeland Flanders, which is somewhat isolated from the rest of The Netherlands.
Through the opening of the Westerscheldetunnel (Tol) in 2003, this part of the Netherlands is now much better become accessible. The Vlissingen-Bresken ferry is nowadays only intended for pedestrians and cyclists.

There is no official nudist beach in the vicinity of Cadzand, but there are two locations where nude recreation takes place. In the nature reserve Zwin near Cadzand is some space for naturism. This area is not located directly on the sea and has no bathing water.

Also on a small part of the beach, near the beach entrance 13 (Sluissche Hompels) is recreated naked. This beach area is described on this page. For the accessibility look at the route page.

In the summer of 2011, nudist recreation came under pressure here due to the discouragement policy of the municipality of Sluis. By means of among other things, by handing out fines, the municipality of Sluis wants to put an end to the years of tolerating nude recreation.

By raising the beach in connection with reinforcement of the coast in 2011 are the characteristic breakwater poles have largely disappeared under the sand and it beach has become wider.

The area where nudist recreation takes place is located 1 pole section away east from beach entrance 13. At the end of the second pole section it is beach pavilion DOK 14 (formerly De Molen).The tolerated nudist beach ends just before thi s. Furthermore there are no facilities on the nudist beach. A large portion of the Beach holidaymakers recreate here naked.

There is no direct bath supervision, the nearest rescue post is 1600 meters away, at the Cadzand-Bad beach entrance. Swim not too close to the breakwater piles at the start of it beach.

Het naaktstrandje heeft een eigen officiële zwemwaterlocatie: Cadzand, overgang Tien Honderd. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
Recente controle: in orde

Tide for Cadzand-Bad (source
Datehigh water referred to NAPlow water referred to NAP
today18-5-202411:34    +142 cm23:51    +131 cm05:09    -159 cm17:37    -130 cm
tomorrow19-5-202412:19    +162 cm    06:09    -169 cm18:27    -145 cm
day after tomorrow20-5-202400:32    +153 cm12:57    +179 cm06:52    -179 cm19:07    -159 cm
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