Nudist beach Bussloo
Bussloo reduced

08/26/2020: In response to the proposed reduction of the nudist beach on the side of the sauna, 6 beach visitors have united in the work group & quot; Preserve naturist beach Bussloo & quot; (BNB). Because Leisurelands has not yet entered into consultation with the group, it is now decided to appeal against this plan to the Council of State.

Read hier the first newsletter of the group.

Part of the nudist beach will be added to the sauna area.

Response Leisurelands (Received from a visitor of the nudist beach)

It is true that the sign was adjusted by the Province of Gelderland last winter. The lines indicated on this are only indicative. For Leisurelands, the signs / indications 'end of naturist beach' that are currently installed in the site are leading.

With regard to the changes that have been / will be made, we as Leisurelands have decided to manage the westernmost part of the site (on the photos on the left) more extensively, this is partly due to the fact that this area is hardly used on the one hand and when it was used, this was undesirable use that caused quite a few complaints and nuisance. We will no longer manage the beach section there as a beach.

For this part, plans are also being developed for the expansion of Thermen Bussloo, but these plans are not yet at such a stage that decisions have already been taken. In this context, we have been in contact with the NFN and they also believe that the above-described adjustment of the site would have a positive rather than a negative effect on the area. We do not see the surface area reduction on the west side as problematic, as the entire site remains sufficiently large in our opinion.

We will continue to manage the other two beaches as a beach and the site on the east side will also remain available for naturists / naturists. The indicative line that the province has put on its plates is therefore incorrect. We will consult with the province to see what the possibilities are to make the indication on their map correspond to reality.
& nbsp;

17-05-2018: Part of the nudist beach will be added to the sauna area.

The concerns of the visitors are justified. The NFN has confirmed that Leisurelands plans to be a part of adding the nudist beach on the sauna side to the sauna area. Unfortunately, Leisurelands has not yet responded to the request for further information.

It seems that this requires a zoning plan change, in which the interested parties can express their views and, if necessary, lodge an objection. As soon as more is known further info will follow.

May 13, 2018: New information board is causing major unrest on the nudist beach.

The new information board shows that the beach on the sauna side has disappeared.
Also on the north side (men's beach) the nudist beach seems to be significantly reduced, but whether this is really the case is unclear; the boundary was also indicated here on the previous version of the information board.

This site and also & nbsp; visitors have asked Leisurelands for clarification, but no response has yet been received. See also the contributions in the guestbook

The new info board photo: Reinier. < br>
It concerns this beach section:

The dilapidated (?) beach section approximately 1 , 1 hectare

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