Nudist beach Bussloo

Last visited 24-07-2022

official nudist beach
surface 5.9 hectares
paid parking at 0 m
bus stop at 6 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on the beach
sloping bottom
bathing water delimited with a floating line at 1.4 meter depth
toilet on the beach
shower at the beach
waste bins
no dogs allowed
kiosk on the beach
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The recreation area Bussloo, is located in the triangle Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen and has a total area of ??300 hectares. There are 8 beaches with a total length of 2300 meters. Nude recreation is permitted on De Kuiter beach (entrance 5), on the southwest side of the lake. Access to the area is free, but parking fees are charged. Look further on the route page for accessibility.

In 2018, commotion arose among visitors to the nudist beach, because the southern part, adjacent to the sauna, will eventually be used as a parking lot at the sauna complex. In mid-2020, the plan will be approved by the Voorst municipal council, but a group of visitors form the working group & quot; Preserve naturist beach Bussloo & quot; (BNB) and oppose against the shrinking of the terrain. Under duress of objection to the Council of State, an agreement will be concluded with Leisurelands at the end of 2020. The downsizing will not be reversed, but will be compensated by improving the quality of the site. The two remaining sandy beaches will be enlarged and a new sandy beach will be built north of the kiosk. View here (pdf ) the changes.

The municipality of Voorst had plans to give the area a new impulse with the Masterplan Bussloo. For the nudist beach a disastrous plan, because there is a bicycle path and a connection over the water to the would be constructed on the opposite side. After many objections, including from the BNB, the plans were withdrawn.

Meanwhile, the BNB is a foundation (Foundation for the Protection of Naturist Area Bussloo) and is committed to the naturist beach and, together with the NFN, is involved in the annual consultation with the area owner Leisurelands.

With almost 6 (previously 8) hectares, the nudist beach Bussloo is the largest nudist beach in the Netherlands, not located on the coast. The nudist beach mainly has sunbathing areas. There are three small sandy beaches on the water. There is a playground for the children on the sandy beach near the kiosk. There is a kiosk and toilets on site.

The swimming water has a demarcated area, with a maximum depth of 1.4 meters, the bottom slopes gently here.
Het naaktstrandje heeft een eigen officiële zwemwaterlocatie: De Kuiter (naturistenstrand). Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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