Nudist beach Zilverstrand

Last visited 20-07-2021

official nudist beach
surface 1.5 hectares
free parking at 520 m
bus stop at 8 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on the beach
sloping bottom
bathing water delimited with a floating line at 1 meter depth
toilet on the beach
shower at the beach
waste bins
no dogs allowed
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The renovated Zilverstrand has been open since the beginning of May 2018. In the autumn of 2013, the Zilverstrand closed due to the widening of the A6. Initially, the naturists were referred to Laakse Strand, but after much haggling, the naturists were given a temporary spot on a part of the Almeerderstrand. With the opening of the Zilverstrand, this part of the beach is no longer available for naturism, but it is again the dog beach as before.

The renovated Zilverstrand has shrunk considerably and is about 3 times as small and now measures one and a half hectares. From the parking lot, as in the past, first the textile beach and then the nudist beach. The nudist beach no longer extends to the Hollandse Brug, but to this is a small piece of textile beach with a jetty for boats. The entire nudist beach is located on a piece of muted Gooimeer, just before the former nudist beach. The beach is not or hardly maintained by Staatsbosbeheer, which means that the sandy beach is very overgrown with grass and makes an unkempt impression.

The unpaved path has now been replaced by a wide tarmac footpath, which forms the northern border at the nudist beach. The bushes that somewhat hidden the A6 have disappeared and on the nudist beach itself there are only a few small trees, which will provide little shade in the first few years. The busy road traffic causes some noise nuisance. The area of ??the nudist beach is well marked with signs, which also contain the rules of conduct.

There is a wide sandy beach on the water of the Gooimeer. Initially, the sand still contained a lot of stones and construction waste, but after a major cleaning action by Staatsbosbeheer, the sand is clean again. Furthermore, part of the nudist beach towards the footpath is overgrown with grass and reeds. The sunbathing area has flat and sloping parts. There is a toilet and shower directly across the footpath. The signs indicate that the footpath is also on the nudist beach, so the toilet and especially the shower are suitable for naked visitors.

The bathing water varies from 0.3 to 2.0 meters deep. Part of it has been cordoned off with a driftline, the water slopes down slowly and the water depth at the driftline is approximately 1.0 metre.
Het naaktstrandje heeft een eigen officiële zwemwaterlocatie: Zilverstrand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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