Nudist beach Zandvoort

Last visited 09-06-2022

official nudist beach
between pole 68 en 70
length 3000 meter
paid parking at 850 m / 720 m
bus stop at 30 minutes
bicycle storage on 500 m / 150 m / 270 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on 2200 m
sloping bottom
waste bins
no dogs allowed
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On June 18, 1975, the Zandvoort city council decided to allow nude recreation on a beach section of 2500 meters on the south side (between posts 68.5 and 71) of Zandvoort. Later, the nudist beach was extended 500 meters in the direction of Zandvoort. The nudist beach of Zandvoort is the most visited nudist beach in the Netherlands. Yet the 2000 meter long nudist beach, beyond the beach pavilions, also offers plenty of rest.

Nude recreation is permitted between posts 68 and 70. On busy beach days, nude recreation takes place well before the official start of the nudist beach. At the beginning of the nudist beach, the beach pavilions are on high sandbanks. The beach is very narrow at high tide at the beach pavilions. Beach beds can be rented at the beach pavilions. Unfortunately, after 32 years, the beach pavilion Adam & Eva has come to an end; the last beach pavilion where nudity on the terrace was still allowed.

The operators on the nudist beach do everything they can to attract a different audience than the nude recreationist. For example, at the beginning of the nudist beach there is the kitesurfing school North Sea Watersports at the beach bar Bodhi beach. At the moment this creates an unsafe and undesirable situation, because the designated water sports solar is located further between pole 68.20 and 68.40. While using the zone, swimming is dangerous and prohibited. At the beginning of the nude beach it says "South Beach" in large letters, a bad translation of "nude beach". The operators also want to hold festivals here for a completely different audience than for which the nude beach is intended. In 2017, the planned festival was canceled due to bad weather. The attempt by the NFN to turn the tide seems to have failed in advance, because the interests of the beach pavilion owners come first and not those of the nude recreationist.

At the end of 2018, a stretch of beach with a length of 3 kilometers was designated as a beach reserve between posts 70 and 73, including the last kilometer of the nudist beach. Until the end of 2022, this Noordvoort beach reserve belonged to the nudist beach, although recreation was discouraged here. With the shortening of the nudist beach, rules (Article 5:51b Noordvoort) have also been included in the APV van Zandvoort. For example, sitting and lying on the beach are not allowed and swimming in the sea is not allowed here. It is the intention that walkers do not walk on the beach here, but pass the beach reserve via the (virtually impassable) path over the outer row of dunes. See here some pictures of the reserve.

The part of Noordvoort, south of post 71, was also a nudist beach before the reduction of the nudist beach of (with the exception of a 500 meter long textile strip). Because the area of the beach reserve is very quiet and therefore suitable for nude recreation, a naturist walk from Zandvoort to the Langevelderslag can be made.

There is no direct bathing supervision on the nudist beach. The nearest rescue post is 1100 meters from the northern border.
De dichtstbijzijnde officiële zwemwaterlocatie is Zandvoort op 2200 meter afstand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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Tide for Zandvoort (source
Datehigh water referred to NAPlow water referred to NAP
today27-5-202406:41    +108 cm19:08    +80 cm02:33    -86 cm14:55    -71 cm
tomorrow28-5-202407:23    +106 cm19:55    +70 cm03:11    -88 cm15:32    -70 cm
day after tomorrow29-5-202408:11    +100 cm20:50    +59 cm03:52    -90 cm16:16    -68 cm
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The beach pavilions on the nudist beach

Bodhi Beach

Bodhi Beach is an intimate beach pavilion where the floor still creaks and the doors squeak, where everyone is welcome. Bodhi is hidden on the South Beach of Zandvoort, away from the crowds in an atmosphere that makes you forget that you are in the Netherlands.

Nude beach

Nude beach
Manii Beach

Manii is a new beach club on the south beach of Zandvoort in an Asian atmosphere. The beach pavilion is located between Bodhi Beach and Paal '69

Paal 69

Paal69 is located on the Zuiderstrand of Zandvoort, between the Amsterdam dunes and the North Sea. This secluded piece of paradise has the atmosphere of a tropical island. Locals call this one magical place Amsterdam Beach or South Beach.

Nude Beach

Nude Beach

The name Fosfor is derived from the sea spark phenomenon, where the sea phosphorescent lights up.

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