Nudist beach Wageningse uiterwaarden

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 18-07-2020

tolerated nudist beach
surface 0.4 hectares
free parking at 1600 m / 1450 m
bus stop at 20 minutes
bicycle storage on 550 m
suitable for the disabled
grazing by sheep
sandy beach
sloping bottom
dogs on a lead allowed
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The Wageningen floodplains in the steam area of the Rhine are very popular due to the many sandy beaches. The area owned by Staatsbosbeheer is part of the Rhine Valley and primarily has a nature function and is not equipped for beach recreation. Swimming in the river is not permitted.
Animals graze in the floodplains. Leave these animals alone and do not pet or pet the animals. The floodplains are freely accessible, but entry is at your own risk.

Nudist recreation has been taking place on the westernmost beach for years. Since mid-2023, the area has also been marked with an official sign saying "Tolerated nudist beach". Look for the location and parking options on the route page. The nudist beach mainly consists of pasture, with a small sandy beach on the water. The width of the sandy beach is very dependent on the water level in the river. There are no facilities available.

There is no official swimming location here. Swimming in the rivers is dangerous and not permitted according to the information signs. Between the cribs there is often a treacherous current. In addition, the suction of passing ships makes swimming dangerous. So be warned and limit swimming to just bathing!
The water has a slowly descending bottom within the cribs. There is no defined swimming area.

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