Nudist beach Vrouwenpolder

Last visited 14-09-2020

official nudist beach
between pole 8,6 en 10,9 en tussen duinovergang 73 en 75
length 3250 meter
paid parking at 1400 m
bus stop at 45 minutes
bicycle storage on 1100 m / 700 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on 400 m
sloping bottom
breakwater piles
toilet on the beach
shower at the beach
waste bins
honden op beperkt gedeelte toegestaan, tot strandopgang 71
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Vrouwenpolder is a pleasant family seaside resort in the northwest of Walcheren.
It has two supermarkets, several restaurants and catering establishments. In the immediate vicinity are the bungalow park Breezand and the camping Oranjezon.

The extensive nature reserve lies between the seaside resort and the beach Oranjezon, which is part of the Manteling van Walcheren. It nature reserve has served as a nature reserve for more than 100 years drinking water extraction area for Walcheren. The area, where currently no water is extracted more, is largely owned by Delta Nutsbedrijven and is managed by the Stichting Het Zeeuwse Landschap. This is possible for a fee of 1 euro A walking map can be obtained from a machine at the entrance. Also is here a small exhibition space.

Nudist recreation is permitted in two places on the beach. Both beach areas are best accessible via the parking lot at the camping Oranjezon. There is no entrance fee to the Oranjezon beach entrance owed. The nudist beach is also freely accessible via beach entrance 76: Zandput on the Breezand side. Just before the beach entrance there is a long staircase, which makes the beach is less easily accessible with a stroller or a handcart.

The western nudist beach (towards Oostkapelle)

The nudist beach starts almost immediately to the left of the beach entrance. Nude recreation is permitted between pole 8.6 (dune crossing 72) and 10.9. The area is signposted on the beach indicated.

Due to the natural value and nature protection, it is prohibited to enter to recreate dunes. There are strict controls and offenders run the risk of a fine.

Just in front of the nudist beach is the beach pavilion Aloha Beach, no nudity is allowed on the terrace. On The nudist beach also has a toilet and a shower. Especially at the beginning, there are also many textile recreationalists who also use the nudist beach.

There are breakwater posts on part of the beach. Swimming near these poles is dangerous. At high water only the two posts at the end of the post row are visible. There is no direct bathing supervision on the beach. Close to the beach entrance there is a small beach post with first aid.

The nudist beach turns into the nudist beach Oostkapelle on the west side

The eastern nudist beach (towards Breezand).

Much less known is the area east (right) of the beach entrance Orange sun. First there is a section of textile beach of approximately 700 meters meters in length, after which the nudist beach starts at dune crossing 73. (on the information boards indicate this incorrectly).  The nudist beach is running continue to dune crossing 75 and end at the small beach pavilion Aquarius.

Due to their natural value and nature protection, it is prohibited to recreate in the dunes. There are strict controls and offenders run the risk of a fine.

Nudity is not permitted on the Aquarius terrace. The beach pavilion is open on a limited basis, mainly only on weekends. Through the dunes the beach is only accessible with a walking map from the Zeeuws Landschap Foundation, for sale at the vending machine at the Oranjezon pumping station.

There is no direct bathing supervision on the beach present. The nearest beach post is at the beach entrance Sand point; at 530 meters from the eastern border.

De dichtstbijzijnde officiële zwemwaterlocatie is Breezand, overgang de Zandput op 400 meter afstand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
Recente controle: in orde

Tide for Vrouwenpolder (source
Datehigh water referred to NAPlow water referred to NAP
today18-5-202411:47    +134 cm    05:24    -147 cm17:55    -117 cm
tomorrow19-5-202400:05    +122 cm12:32    +153 cm06:22    -154 cm18:43    -130 cm
day after tomorrow20-5-202400:46    +142 cm13:09    +168 cm07:06    -162 cm19:21    -141 cm
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