Nudist beach Oostplas Tilburg Goirle


Last visited 29-08-2009

length 45 meter
free parking at 750 m
bus stop at 20 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
dogs on a lead allowed
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22-07-2020 Door de hogere waterstand is het kleine zandstrandje grotendeels verdwenen. Het het overgebleven gedeelte ligt nu aan het doorgaande pad en wordt niet meer afgeschermd door rietkragen, waardoor de locatie minder geschikt is voor naaktrecreatie.

Het (textiele) strandje aan de westzijde van de plas wordt per 1 augustus 2020 ook gesloten


The. is located on the south side of Tilburg, east of Goirle Oostplas. This sand wing is also known by the names: De Nieuwe Ruischvoorn or Put van Heel.
At this lake, close to the residential area "De Hoge Wal" in Goirle there are a number of small beaches. The beaches on the northwest side is used by textile recreationalists. To the A small beach is hidden on the southeast side of the lake the high reed fields. There is no view of it from the residential area beach, so that the beach is very suitable for naturism. The nudist beach is not crowded.

The beach is hidden in the reed fields surrounding the lake. The nature reserve is not designed for beach recreation. It The beach actually only consists of a narrow strip of sand, with... lots of rubble stone, on the water. There are also some among the reeds places suitable for sunbathing. On the nudist beach and also in the There are no facilities in the immediate vicinity. The beach does not have a favorable sun position, especially in spring and autumn, the nudist beach quickly falls into the shade. On the west side of the nudist beach, there are also some jetties (hidden in the reeds), which can be used for sunbathing.
The Oostplas is a leased fishing water, which means there is a lot in the area is being fished and the beach may be occupied by fishermen.

The Oostplas is not an official swimming place. Stand around the lake signs that read: 'No swimming and diving. Cold undertow".
The bank, which slopes steeply, consists of rubble, which means: the water is very difficult to reach. Are water shoes recommended. The water is very deep, but very clear. Orphan warned if you do go swimming here!

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