Nudist beach Schelphoekgat Serooskerke

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 25-07-2018

tolerated nudist beach
length 130 meter
free parking at 1200 m
bus stop at 45 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
sloping bottom
dogs on a lead allowed
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The flood disaster in 1953 occurred at Schelphoek, near the village Serooskerke, one of the largest current holes on Schouwen-Duiveland with a length of 500 meters. Because of the big one depth, the hole could not be closed and there is a ring dike placed around it. In the area between the ring dike and the old dike a beautiful nature reserve has been created with drying mudflats and salt marshes. In the former working port Schelphoek there are three caissons and a shipwreck.

In 2014, the municipality published the report Draft area visionShell Corner. In this report, a healthcare resort in the Schelphoek would be built on the Serooskerke side and would be the dike on which the nudist beach is located, inaccessible nature reserve become. This site wrote a zienswijs in which the preservation of this nudist beach was central. Due to the many protests, the plans have been postponed and there is a sounding board group was founded, in which nude recreationists also participate. In the established at the end of 2016 Area vision Schelphoek Final document the dike remains accessible to (nude) recreationists.

At the end of the old (west) dike, on the side of the Oosterschelde, nude recreation takes place on a limited scale. The nudist beach has no facilities whatsoever and the (nature) area is not designed for beach recreation. There is no sand level present.

At the discharge opening of the former Serooskerke polder pumping station (almost at the end of the dike), has developed over the years formed a shell/pebble beach for years. Here it is Swimming water is reasonably easy to reach, even at low tide.
In the bathing water, especially in the shallower parts Japanese oysters with razor-sharp protrusions. Therefore, always wear water shoes when swimming.
There is also often a strong current, so stay close side.
The water quality is not monitored here.

The nude position is mainly used by visitors from the naturist campsite Smallegange's dike, located within walking distance. Furthermore, naturists from the area also regularly come here.
Tide for Schelphoekgat Serooskerke (source
Datehigh water referred to NAPlow water referred to NAP
today19-5-202400:58    +91 cm13:40    +113 cm07:19    -130 cm19:54    -105 cm
tomorrow20-5-202401:52    +101 cm14:27    +121 cm08:07    -133 cm20:38    -111 cm
day after tomorrow21-5-202402:39    +111 cm15:07    +127 cm08:48    -133 cm21:13    -116 cm
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