Nudist beach Maasvlakte

Last visited 21-07-2020

official nudist beach
length 1000 meter
free parking at 100 m / 1400 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on the beach
sloping bottom
dogs allowed
beach pavilion on 280 m
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The Maasvlakte was constructed in the 1960s as a advanced port of Rotterdam. On the sea side, a beautiful nature reserve was created in this highly industrial environment sandy beaches and dunes, with space for beach recreation. With the construction of the Second Maasvlakte in 2008, on the seaward side of the existing Maasvlakte, the popular Slufter beach and the nudist beach on it disappeared.

The Maasvlakte beach reopened in 2012, with an area for nude recreation. Well it is disappointing that the (official) nudist beach, despite the expansion of the beaches on the new Maasvlakte, has shrunk from 2500 meters to only 500 meters. As of 2023, the nudist beach will be expanded by 500 meters in a northerly direction.

The new nudist beach is located between the textile beach and the sports beach (see the map on the route page). The nudist beach is signposted. Because many textile holidaymakers park at the first beach entrance, they are lying there nude and textile mixed together at the beginning of the nudist beach.

On the sports beach, which is very suitable for nudist recreation due to its extensive use, the next beach entrance (2.3 km north) also recreated nude. On the sports beach (and partly on the extensive part of the nudist beach) will be 13 windmills in 2022 placed with a tip height of about 200 meters. Because the windmills on the north side of the nudist beach, there is no nuisance from shadows, but you have to take into account be taken into account with any noise disturbance.

In 2024, as a replacement for the existing Futureland, the 25-metre-high Port Experience Center (HEC) opened. From the roof terrace there is a view of the nude edge, making it possible the nudist beach will eventually have to move to another place.

There are no facilities on the beach. Well it says parking area a simple catering facility (snack container). There is a rescue station on the textile beach of the Rotterdam Rescue Brigade about 500 meters from the southern border of the nude beach. In case of nuisance, you can also contact the rescue brigade (06-1343821).
Het naaktstrandje heeft een eigen officiële zwemwaterlocatie: Tweede Maasvlakte. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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