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For years the area around the Lauwersmeer area has been on a limited scale nude recreation place. Unfortunately, there is none yet official area designated for nude recreation.

In the Leeuwarder Courant from 7/12/2008 is with an article about it Lauwersmeer area posted a map with the location of a tiny nudist beach.
This location is on the south side of the Nieuwe Robbengat, nearby Landal Natuurdorp Suyderoogh (not naturist).

In later contact with the Lauwersmeer National Park, is showed that an incorrect card was placed with the article. There have been plans for a naturist beach, but these have been rejected by the municipality of Marne. The municipality of Marne has prohibited nude recreation at this location.

At the intended location it is nice weather, fairly busy with walkers, so this location not on busy days is suitable for nude recreation. If the area is redone furnished and also marked with signs, this is still possible become a great location for nude recreation.

The nudist beach consists only of a lawn, there is none sandy beach. There are none on the nudist beach facilities present.

The bathing water is approximately 50 cm deep right at the start. The the first part has a gradually sloping bottom. The area where it becomes deep faster is indicated by a number sticks. Directly along the side, so are stones on the bottom step into the water carefully.

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