Nudist beach Isabellagriend

Last visited 19-08-2018

official nudist beach
surface 13 hectares
free parking at 670 m
bus stop at 30 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
grazing by Galloway's cattle
sloping bottom
dogs on a lead allowed
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Isabellagriend is a nature reserve on the Oolderplas ten southwest of Roermond near the village of Herten. It's part from the much larger Ooldergreend nature reserve. The Oolderplas is a former gravel extraction lake and is open connection with the Maas. There are also two smaller lakes here. The area is owned by the Limburgs Landschap and is designed as a nature reserve with room for recreation. In the area is grazed by Galloway cattle. Disturb and do not feed these animals and stay at least 25 meters away. The area is freely accessible on foot and by bicycle, but at your own risk.

The part where nudist recreation is allowed is not on the Oolderplas (154 ha) but on the much smaller Haaksstaartenplas (9.5 ha) and on the north bank of the Prinsenstaartenplas. This two lakes are also in open connection with the Maas and are of separated by a transverse dam the southern border of it nudist beach. This cross dam is the most visited part of the naturist area.

Nude recreation has been taking place at these lakes for years (since 1994 officially). The area is  marked with signs. It terrain consists of irregular grassland, mainly on the waterfront bushes and there is no sandy beach. On the There are no facilities available on the nudist beach. Waste must go through the visitors are taken home.
Due to the vastness of the terrain, it is very suitable for taking a naturist walk. To the The north side of the U-shaped site is a ford (with water shoes, because of the stones present on the bottom), so that a circuit of approximately 2 km around the Haaksstaartenplas can be walked. For the ultimate For a natural experience, three strolling paths have been constructed through the bushes.

The nudist beach is also accessible by boat, on the north side of the Prinsenstaartenplas can be reached at various jetties moored. Boats may remain here for a maximum of 3 days.

The water is not designed as an official swimming spot and has therefore no demarcated area. The part on the north side (not boat side) of the cross dam is most suitable for swimming. There is a sloping bottom here, but the water does become deep quite quickly. The water becomes about 10 meters from the shore too deep to stand there. Because there is a lot of gravel on the shore It is recommended to wear water shoes.

The Isabellagriend Naturism Foundation has been established since 2001 used to maintain and promote naturism on the Isabella Griend. Unfortunately, this foundation is over Dissolved in 2021, due to lack of new board members.

There is also a (private) Facebook page for visitors to the Isabella Griend / Oolderplas.

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