Nudist beach Hoornse Plas

Last visited 30-07-2020

official nudist beach
surface 3 hectares
free parking at 250 m
bus stop at 10 minutes
bicycle storage on 160 m
suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on the beach
sloping bottom
bathing water delimited with a floating line at 0.5 meter depth
toilet on the beach
waste bins
no dogs allowed
kiosk on 100 m
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The Hoornse Meer, on the south side of Groningen, originated in the seventies due to sand excavation. The sand was used for the construction from the A7 and for the new housing estate Corpus den Hoorn-Zuid. First (1971) started with the construction of the swimming pond Hoornse Plas. In In the following years, the Hoornse Meer became bigger and bigger it connected to the Paterswoldse Meer. This created a beautiful water recreation area with an area of ??approximately 270 hectares.
The Hoornse Plas, 20 hectares in size, is separated from the Hoornse Meer through the Nijdam, which is also part of the walking route around the Hoornse Plas.

On May 19, 1977, nude recreation, by the Paterswolde lordship, was on the south side of the Hoornse Plas allowed. At the entrance there are signs with the text & quot; free recreation & quot ;. The nudist beach is the largest part on the territory of the province of Drenthe.

A lot has changed on the beach in recent years. The section south of the hiking trail has become much more open, because all the bushes have been removed and many trees have been felled. are & nbsp; The southern border of the nude beach is now formed by a ditch with one behind it earthen wall. A new cycle path has been laid behind this wall. & Nbsp;

In 2012 the Hoornse Plas has a major renovation . A new sandy beach has been built and the existing sandy beach has been enlarged. The old toilet block is demolished and replaced by a new building. The snack container is disappeared and now stands in its place, just outside of it nudist beach, a new kiosk. The kiosk is with good beach weather. The kiosk across the street on the textile beach is opened more frequently. The unpaved parking area nearby the beach is paved, so that parking is always possible here.

The walking path around the Hoornse Plas also runs over the nudist beach. On nice days it is therefore busy with walkers. Since 2012, hikers can also visit behind the nudist beach walk, but the lap on the nudist beach remains popular.

Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle shed; these are not allowed be taken to the beach. There are many shady spots on the site.
There are two sandy beaches, here is a children's swimming area with a drift line, with a maximum water depth of 0.50 meters. Furthermore, the water is approximately 2.00 meters deep. The water has one view of approximately 1.00 meters.
There are many underwater plants in the water.

Het naaktstrandje heeft een eigen officiële zwemwaterlocatie: Hoornseplas zuid, Groningen. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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