Nudist beach Hedelse Bovenwaard

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 22-07-2020

tolerated nudist beach
length 100 meter
free parking at 900 m
bus stop at 30 minutes
not suitable for the disabled
grazing by cows
sandy beach
dogs on a lead allowed
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The Hedelse Bovenwaard nature reserve (approximately 120 hectares) lies to the east of Hedel and was created around a former sand extraction pond. Sand was mined here until 2009, including for the Betuwe Route. The nature around the lake has recovered in recent years, creating a beautiful nature reserve.

An unpaved path runs around the lake (approx. 70 hectares), which has a ford on the east side in the creek that connects the lake to the Meuse. This shallow creek is not navigable, so boats cannot access the lake. The water level in the lake fluctuates with the water level of the Maas, which is influenced by the tide here (daily by approximately 30 cm). Along the lake are several small sandy beaches that are used to a limited extent by holidaymakers, and grazing by cattle takes place in the area.

There are seven headlands on the northwest side of the lake, on the side of the A2. Nudist recreation takes place on the second headland from the south side on a limited scale. Due to the natural growth of the nudist beach, the nudist beach is completely out of sight of the path around the lake. In the area you hardly encounter anyone, which makes it suitable for nude recreation. For accessibility check the route page.

The nudist beach is most easily accessible via the first headland, because it is less densely covered. However, the fordable crossing (approximately 50 cm deep) must be made to the second headland. The path is sometimes barely visible on the second headland.

There is a half-grown sandy beach at the lake. There are no facilities available. Due to the underlying A2 there is some noise nuisance. Dogs are allowed on a lead.

The lake has no official swimming place, so the swimming water is not monitored here. On the side where it is still very shallow, green algae float, but the bathing water is quite clear. Regular visitors regularly remove this layer. The swimming zone is a little further from the side and is free from green algae. After the first gently sloping bottom it quickly becomes deep. Many swimming plants are present in the bathing water. The lake is about 35 meters deep, which can cause cold undercurrents. Therefore, stay close to the side.

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