Nudist beach Gaasperplas

Last visited 24-09-2017

official nudist beach
surface 0.5 hectares
free parking at 740 m / 1000 m
bus stop at 10 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
suitable for the disabled
water quality measuring point on the beach
waste bins
dogs on a lead allowed
kiosk on 350 m
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The Gaasperplas is located between the buildings of Amsterdam Southeast and the river into the Gaasp and has an area of ??166 hectares. the puddle is created by sand extraction for the construction of the Bijlmermeer. To the north side is the Gaasperpark, where the Floriade was held in 1982, but of which little has been preserved. To the South side of the lake are recreational beaches with swimming areas.

After more than 40 years, the municipality has ambition to refurbish the area. In the new plans there will be two official swimming locations, by excavation of the land, on the north side of the lake, one of which is just north of the nudist beach. Work is expected to start in 2023.

The nudist section (official since 2004) is located on the north side. Look on the route page for the location of the beach. The signs on the site indicate that nude recreation is allowed from May 1 to October 1. The site is also suitable for nude recreation outside this period, pursuant to Article 430a DCC.

The nudist beach only has sunbathing areas and no sandy beach. There are plenty of shady spots on the property. There are no facilities on the nudist beach.

In the first weekend of June you will find it here Amsterdam Open Air festival takes place, where the Gaaperpark and therefore also the nudist beach, which will be inaccessible for about two weeks. During the festival may be recreated nude on the old nudist beach on the southeast bank.

There is no official swimming location on this side of the lake. The water quality is not checked here, but of course swimming is allowed here Allowed. Along the waterfront there is a wooden shoring with an entry water depth of approximately 1.0 metres. Further out from shore, the water quickly becomes deep, making the water unsuitable for inexperienced swimmers.

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