Nudist beach Enode Nuenen

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 23-07-2021

tolerated nudist beach
surface 0.2 hectares
free parking at 370 m
bus stop at 10 minutes
bicycle storage on 350 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
water quality measuring point on 200 m
sloping bottom
bathing water delimited with a floating line at 1.8 meter depth
toilet on 140 m
shower at 300 m
waste bins
no dogs allowed
kiosk on 300 m
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23-07-2021 Door een conflict met de vorige eigenaar heeft de gemeente het beheer overgenomen en is er vrije toegang. De naturisten hebben het oude plekje weer ingenomen en hopelijk blijft ook in 2024 naaktrecreatie hier behouden.


The Strandbad Nuenen in Nuenen, just east of Eindhoven, is a small recreational lake. It is located next to the highway Eindhoven - Helmond. The swimming lake was used by the municipality leased to Laco. An entrance fee was required for access getting paid. In a small, more or less shielded area Nudist recreation was permitted on the site.

In 2017 there is an end to approximately 20 years of nude recreation at the swimming pool when Laco entered the back part of the pool another one destination.

In 2021, the municipality of Nuenen and the operator Laco will have no can reach an agreement on the operation of the swimming pool. Since then, the municipality has owned the swimming lake management and there is free access. To be able to go to the recreational lake To reach it, a new access path has been constructed next to it beach pavilion. The toilet facilities and the showers on it grounds are closed.

With this changing situation, the naturists have it old spot taken again. At this moment you will find here again nude recreation takes place and it is tolerated. Read on the website of the municipality has the house rules. (nude recreation is not mentioned here).

The nudist beach is somewhat shielded from it textile beach. It has a sunbathing lawn along the water small sandy beach. A few trees provide enough shady places. There are no further facilities on the nudist beach itself facilities available.

The bathing water has a slowly sloping bottom and is therefore also suitable for inexperienced swimmers. The swimming water is demarcated with a first floating line at approximately 1.80 meters. Outside the second floating line may not be swum. There is no bath supervision.

De dichtstbijzijnde officiële zwemwaterlocatie is Strandbad Nuenen, grote bad op 200 meter afstand. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
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