Nudist beach Enkhuizen

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 04-08-2020

tolerated nudist beach
length 250 meter
free parking at 260 m
bus stop at 25 minutes
bicycle storage on the beach
not suitable for the disabled
water quality measuring point on 1700 m
dogs on a lead allowed
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Just north of Enkhuizen, on the dike road to Andijk, is a small spit of land in the IJsselmeer, on which naturism has been tolerated for a long time. It used to be a busy beach, but due to lack of maintenance, almost the entire area has grown closed.

The area has a nature destination and is not designed for beach recreation. Due to the extensive vegetation with low shrubs, reeds and trees, only a small part can be used for recreation. There is only one unpaved access path to the nudist beach.
Of course the nudist beach can also be reached by boat via the IJsselmeer.

A path runs across the beach to the end of the headland, with only a few small places that can serve as sunbathing areas. There is no sandy beach on the nudist beach. There are no facilities on the nudist beach and not in the immediate vicinity. Due to the vegetation, the bathing water is (almost) no longer accessible.

There is still room for nude recreation on an adjacent meadow, but horses also graze here, so watch out for your belongings. From the dike there is a view of the nudist beach, but given the great distance (approximately 250 meters), the area is suitable for nude recreation. You can still swim here.

The bathing water is quite difficult to reach due to the bank of rock piles. In addition, the rocks at the waterline are very slippery due to algae growth. The slowly sloping bottom of the bathing water is made of sand. The water depth for the nude position is for a large part no deeper than 1.0 meter. There is no defined swimming area. The bathing water is not an official swimming spot, so the water quality is not checked here.

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