Nudist beach E3-strand
NFN for closed door.

Reopening nudist beach E3 not discussed.

Together with about 25 users of the recently closed the nudist beach in Eersel wanted to enter the Naturist Federation in the Netherlands to have a conversation with owner Wouters of the E3 beach. This However, the owner informed us that this conversation would not be possible in the short term want to enter into and thus leaves the nudist recreationalists in a state of shame.

Nude recreation is prohibited on the E3 beach as of January 1, 2009 in Eersel. This decision by the owner came for the Naturists Federation of the Netherlands (NFN) like a bolt from the blue. The organization that is committed to preserving and expanding nude recreation options in the Netherlands have never existed before heard a cry for help from the owner of the Brabant beach. And That's a shame, because maybe with the help of expertise it could have been done tide can still be turned.

In the Netherlands, about 2 million people regularly recreate naked. On a busy day, 1,500 to 2,000 of them knew the E3 beach can be found in Eersel. From this year onwards, these nude recreationists must find another spot to enjoy the sun naked.
According to the owner of the recreation area has persisted sexual nuisance makes him decide no more nude recreation to allow. Instead, it will soon become a beach used for activities that should attract more youth.

The Naturist Federation Netherlands (NFN) has based on the many responses from users now believe that the alleged sexual nuisance is only an excuse outside world is to implement plans that have been on the agenda for some time lying on the plank. The NFN would like to discuss this with Mr Wouters from the E3 beach. Together with regular visitors of the beach, the NFN took the initiative to enter into dialogue and to have it explained why the decision was so sudden
has been taken. The NFN regrets that Mr Wouters will not be attending knocked on their door when the nuisance on the nudist beach was so great used to be. With their knowledge and experience, the parties had a joint goal can find a solution. Now many nude recreationalists are the dupe. And with the numbers that Mr Wouters mentions, you can actually not a major nuisance. Sexual nuisance occurs sporadically, and something can be done about it. The NFN suspects that the owner simply has another operation has in mind and has sought a reason that users and the press was accepted.
There is no alternative to the E3 beach in the area. The NFN is now trying to find a new location as quickly as possible together with the SRE to find where the many nude recreationists can go.

If Mr Wouters changes his mind, he can in any case, seek the help of the NFN to prevent this from happening again to prevent the nuisance and to restore its extensive clientele to approach. E3-Strand Open letter NFN

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