Nudist beach Domburg

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Nudist beach
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GPS  51.55754, 3.47597
Voor navigatie gebruik: Parkeren/OV/Fiets

[310 m] Paid parked on a meadow at the beach entrance.
Rate (2024) €7,50 maximum per day.
Only pay with PIN, Maestro and V Pay. Optionally, an exit ticket can be purchased at Beach pavilion Noordduine (note, this is not the pavilion at the nudist beach).
On the beach via beach entrance 50a: The Seven Waves.

route planner: Google Maps
GPS: 51.55470, 3.47339
place: Domburg
street: Schelpweg 17
zip code: 4357 BP

[310 m] Paid parking (approximately 50 parking spaces).
Rate (2024) €2,60 per hour, €13,00 maximum per day.

route planner: Google Maps
GPS: 51.55541, 3.47436
place: Domburg
street: Schelpweg 17
zip code: 4357 BP

Public transport 9292
op 6 min.
enter: Trommelweg, Domburg

[300 m] Bicycle parking at beach entrance 50: De Zeven Golven.
route planner: Google Maps

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