Nudist beach Brielse Maas

On December 1, we (the interest group Brielse Maas and Bernd Huijser of the NFN) were invited by the GZH (Groenservice Zuid-Holland) to discuss the continuation of the nudist beach.

The first reason for the conversation was Mark's report with a recommendation to increase the safety of the environment and to reduce sexual nuisance, especially for scouting. We had presented the report to Mayor Van Viegen van Brielle and she passed it on to the manager of the GZH site.

The second part of the conversation was about the future of our site. Due to the board decision of the recreation board, the manager GZH is still of the opinion that our site will become flowery grassland because of the cutbacks. The GZH proposes to make the money that is spent annually on the maintenance of the site for the flowery grassland function available to the interest group Brielse Maas, whereby the management of the site is transferred to us. We would then have to guarantee the maintenance of the site and any additional costs involved.

The GZH would prefer to see this situation realized by 2012. We have indicated that we need more time to organize ourselves properly and to consult our supporters about this. A compromise could be that the current situation is maintained for 2012 (so we continue to recreate at the "cost" of the GZH), but then we have to clearly show what we are doing and what plans we have for the future, so that it GZH can ask the board of the recreation board to extend the current situation for another year. Even now we were not entirely clear about the costs involved. Rien has been in contact with GZH repeatedly in the past 2 weeks to clarify the costs, but due to leave and illness, GZH has not yet been able to give us a concrete answer about this.

In the second half of January we will meet again to discuss progress and to provide GZH with arguments that they can submit to the board of the recreation board to allow us to recreate freely for another year.

Of course this last point was not quite what we had hoped for, namely that the recreation board would agree to our presence on the site and would also bear the burden for this. It looks like we'll have to put in more effort if we want to keep the field. This by organizing ourselves more professionally (legal form), involving more people (four is not much and puts a lot of pressure on everyone) and ultimately also having to spend more work or money to be able to continue to recreate. Of course we will continue to try to lobbying the municipalities to change the recreational sector's mind, but so far this has not yielded much.

Therefore our first question to you: who is sufficiently involved and enthusiastic to strengthen our ranks as a hard core? Do you want to be actively involved so that we can continue to keep the field for us and do you have some financial insight and understanding of numbers? Then you could be an asset to us! (women are also welcome) You can sign up via our new email address:

It only remains for us to wish you all happy holidays and a prosperous and sunny 2012.

The interest group Brielse Maas

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