Nudist beach Bredene

Last visited 07-08-2017

official nudist beach
length 350 meter
free parking at 700 m
bicycle storage on 280 m
not suitable for the disabled
sandy beach
sloping bottom
main dams
toilet on 180 m
shower at 180 m
waste bins
no dogs allowed
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In 2002, the municipality of Bredene was the first and for the time being the only one to designate a section of the beach for nudist recreation. The designated area is located behind a protected dune reserve and therefore offers sufficient privacy. The current nudist beach is actually far too small, because on peak days more than 1,000 nude holidaymakers find the nudist beach. The beach was resurfaced in March 2014, making it much wider and offering more space for nude recreationists.

Nude recreation is permitted from the first weekend before Easter to the second weekend of October. Unlike in the Netherlands, there is no tolerance policy here. Stay within the designated zone and also pay attention to the opening times.

At the nude stand, Ensorbeach rents out sunbeds, parasols and windbreaks. Furthermore, there are no facilities on the nudist beach. At the beach entrance is the beach bar Hippo beach at Post De Duinpan. There are also toilets and a shower here.

The nudist beach has its own bathing water measuring point: Bredene - De Duinpan.
There is a lifeguard post on the nudist beach. During the bathing season (July and August) there is daily bath supervision. Furthermore, only on weekends with good beach weather.
Swimming is only allowed in the indicated swimming area Bredene Astrid (demarcated with flags) between the first two breakwaters at the beginning of the nudist beach and in the presence of the lifeguard.

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