Nudist beach Bloemendaal
Noordwest Natuurkern

This year (2013) is the work around it Project Noordwest Natuurkern abyss. & nbsp; & nbsp; South of the nudist beach are in the soap bar five created trenches to create drifting sea dunes in this way

The Kattendel beach entrance is about 400 meters to the south moved. Initially, the main cycle path would come (cyclists from Bloemendaal would therefore be 2.5 km detour to visit the nudist beach). By the objections of the Fietsersbond Haarlem department and the municipality of Bloemendaal also maintains the cycle path.

The four northern slots are behind the existing fencing of the dune area and are from it beach not accessible. At the new Kattendel beach entrance the footpath runs through the southernmost slot to the beach. In the soap bar Two drift holes were made at the height of the nudist beach, including this one lie behind the fence of the dune area.

05-10-2012: Big holes to make dunes stronger

Below some pictures of the work made in November 2012.
The final result can be seen on the photo page.


The information board on the beach.


The slot at the Kattendel beach entrance. This beach entrance will be moved approximately 400 meters to the south.


Kattendel beach entrance.


The most northerly slot (just past the Kattendel beach entrance), seen from the beach.


The beautiful nature area behind the dunes. In the background, the bare dunes that have been dug on are visible.


The northernmost slot, at the start of the nudist beach. The first two (northern) trenches are now (2012) dug. The project must be ready in March 2013.

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