Nudist beach Bisonbaai

tolerated nudist beach

Last visited 02-09-2020

tolerated nudist beach
surface 19 hectares
paid parking at 690 m
free parking at 690 m
bus stop at 15 minutes
bicycle storage on 500 m
not suitable for the disabled
grazing by Galloways and Konik horses
water quality measuring point on the beach
dogs on a lead allowed
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The Gelderse Poort nature reserve is located on the east side of Nijmegen in the river basin of the Waal. The area of ??the Gelderse Poort continues until just over the border with Germany. There are several polders in this area, including the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen. In the outer dike part of this polder, close to the Waal, is the former sand wing of the Bisonbaai. Until the 1950s, sand and gravel were extracted here and the lake had an open connection with the Waal. The original owner had plans to turn Bisonbaai into a recreational lake. Because the municipality did not cooperate with these plans, he sold the 123 hectare area around the lake to Staatsbosbeheer. The Bisonbaai no longer has an open connection with the Waal.

The (nature) area is not set up for beach recreation, there is grazing by Galloways cattle and Konik horses. Keep at least 25 meters away from the animals. In previous years the Konik horses & nbsp; relocated to the Greenlands' inner dike area with good beach weather, but recently they just continue to graze here.

Nude recreation has been taking place at Bisonbaai for over 45 years. The area is not signposted. The first part close to the dike is used by textile recreationists. Slightly past the bend, on the long north side of the lake, the naturist part begins, which continues until the end of the lake. There is no naked recreation on the narrow west side. By the many groves, the south side is unsuitable for beach recreation. A non-paved footpath with a bridge on the south side runs around the lake.

The nudist beach consists of sunbathing areas (pasture), there is no sandy beach. There is, however, a narrow strip of sand with many stones along the water. There is also (limited) nudist recreation on the beaches behind the Waal. There are no facilities on the nudist beach. Near the entrance, on the dike, & nbsp; is the Hotel - Café Oortjeshekken, with a cozy terrace.

The swimming water has (over a large part) a very quickly sloping bottom and has no demarcated area.
Het naaktstrandje heeft een eigen officiële zwemwaterlocatie: Bisonbaai. Voor uitgebreide informatie over deze zwemwaterlocatie, kijk op de site van
Recente controle: in orde

The little beaches behind Waal are not an official swimming place, so the water quality is not checked here. It is advised not to swim in the river, because the river always has a strong current of 5 to 6 km per hour. Shipping also provides an extra dangerous and insidious flow. Always keep swimming between the cribs while swimming.

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