Nudist beach Amsterdamse Bos

Last visited 24-09-2017

official nudist beach
surface 1.6 hectares
free parking at 350 m
bus stop at 10 minutes
suitable for the disabled
waste bins
no dogs allowed
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The Amsterdamse Bos (about 1000 hectares in size) was built in the 1930s landscaped as a utility forest for all Amsterdammers. About 6 million people visit the forest every year. There are many recreational facilities in the forest. on the municipal site of the Amsterdamse Bos is an overview of all there is to do in the forest. Nude recreation is allowed on the so-called Zonneweide.

The sunbathing lawn is a nearly 2 hectare open space in the woods with only one access path. For the location look at the route page. The nudist beach only has a sunbathing area and has no bathing water. As a natural control of the oak processionary caterpillar, a part around the freestanding trees has been sown with a flower mixture. This part is not mowed and should not be entered.

There are plenty of shady spots against the forest edges. There is a water tap, no further facilities available.

In the designation decree under point 19, belonging to the APV provides that nude recreation is permitted from 1 May to 30 September on the Zonneweide. Because these regulations conflict with national legislation (art. 430a Sr), nude recreation can also take place outside this period on the sunbathing area. Furthermore, only the municipal council (and therefore not the municipal executive) has the authority to designate areas that are suitable for unclothed recreation.

Dogs are not allowed in the real beach season. (prohibited from May 1 to October 1).

Due to sexual nuisance, the sunbathing area threatened to be closed in 2014, luckily it was decided in consultation with the NFN to keep the sunbathing area open (for the time being). The request is to take good care of the beach and not to tolerate this in the event of undesirable behaviour, but to address people about this. In the event of disturbances, the Boswachterij can be contacted on telephone number 06-29081628.

Sex recreationists are requested to go to their own place at the Nieuwe Meer (Google Maps).

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