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Nudist beach Het Rutbeek

The Rutbeek is a recreational area of approximately 120 Hectares to the South West of Enschede. In 1975 the layout of Het Rutbeek as a recreational area began around an erratic former sand excavation lake. Now it is a transformed area of 120 hectares with trees, water parts, with beaches, laying meadows, grass land, and leisure facilities.
The area is made up of one fen and five different beaches.
On the South Western side of the lake there is a place for nudist recreation. The area is shown with boards. It is clearly signposted also. There is a foot path around the lake.

The nudist beach of approximately 3 hectares is mainly made up of laying meadows, on the water side there is a small beach.
There is a toilet block on the nudist beach, further there are no facilities.
On the textile beach (after approx 1000 meters) there is a kiosk available.

The swimming water has a sectioned swimming area with a depth of approximately 0,50 meters. Outside of this area the water goes to a depth of 2,50 meters.
The section where nudist recreation is permitted is clearly shown with a drift line.

   Dogs are not permitted.




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