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Nudist beach Rhederlaag


The recreation area Rhederlaag is situated to the East of Arnhem. It has a water surface area of 300 hectares and has an open connection with the IJssel. The area is made up of 3 lakes, nudist recreation is permitted on section of the Lathumse plas on an area of the Bahrsche beach. The area is signed. The entrance to the recreation area is free, although parking must be paid for.
The area is situated outside dikes, and in high water can result in water seeping under.

The nudist beach is made up of laying meadows, with a small area of sandy beach. The toilet block on the nudist beach stands on a hill. Around and on these hills the nudist beach is not separated from the textile beach.

The swim water goes deep very rapidly and has a sectioned area.

 Dogs are not permitted.




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