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Nudist beach Vlieland

Paid parking on parterre Tsjerk Hiddes
(approximately 10 minutes from the ferry terminal)

The ferry boat to Vlieland, in the harbour of Harlingen.

The fast ferry to Terschelling / Vlieland.

The view of the beach from the ferry boat.

The ferry causeway in East-Vlieland, the only town on Vlieland.

The ferry by the ferry causeway on Vlieland.

View of the town with the lighthouse.
The lighthouse “vuurduin” is only 17 meters high, and stands on the highest dune (40 meters) on the Wadden islands. For a small fee you can climb up the lighthouse.

The atmospheric town street, here nudist recreation has been forbidden since 29 April 2007, see under for newspaper snipping.

  Walking naked in Vlieland is now forbidden.

Vlieland - From 29th April nobody is allowed to walk around the town Vlieland undressed. Mayors and councillors have decided to put the ban in place.
Not because there is a large number of tourists parading naked around the streets, but now in possible future cases it would be possible that we would be able to act if this occurred. Vlieland has one of the largest nudist beaches in the Netherlands. There naked recreation continues to be allowed.

bron Frieschdagblad 21-04-2007

The beach nearby the yacht harbour. (Dam 66, De Horn).

The information sign by the beach entrance Fortweg. (Dam 63, paal 53,6)

The nudist beach by the beach entrance Fortweg. (Dam 63, paal 53,6)

The view from the beach on the neighbor island Terschelling.

The island has relatively a lot of trees. The trees are mostly on the edge of the town to protect them from the sand.

The beach entrance next to the camping “Stortemelk”.

Beach pavilion “het Badhuys” on the monitored beach by pole 50-51. Here nudist recreation is not permitted.

The nudist beach by the beach entrance “Dam 20”.

Always swim a good distance away from the dams.

The military training ground De Vliehors. This area is only accessible in the weekend if the red flags are down. The Vliehors is the largest sand plain in Europe (25 km).
A splendid area for a long naturistic walk.

With De Vliehors Expres you can take an excursion to the Vliehors. Also de Vliehors Expres takes care of the journey to the jetty from the  Summer ferry service to Texel on the furthest point from the Vliehors.

The enormous sand plain.

Dune forming on the Vliehors.

In the distance you can see Texel with the lighthouse.
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