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Nudist beach Engelermeer

The Engelermeer is a recreational area to the West of Den Bosch. The lake is possibly a left over from a channel leading from the River Maas. Through the sand excavation that took place until 2012, the lake will be extended to a surface of approximately 100 hectares.

Nudist recreation has been permitted here since 1993. The nudist recreation area(2 hectares) is situated on the South Western side of the lake and is clearly signed. It is not separated from the textile beach.
The nudist beach has a large sandy beach with laying meadows.

The swim water is sectioned with drift lines:
1st drift line: water depth is 0,60 to 0,80 meters
2nd drift line: water depth is up to approximately 2,00 meters.

   Dogs are not permitted

The users of the nudist beach organized an association in 1994, that is especially for the naturism on the lake. Look on their website for more information.


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Naturistische Vrienden van het Engelermeer

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