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Nudist beach Monster


Route to the beach
Free parking at the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan.
(Walking distance 1500 meters)
Route planner Google Maps:  GPS: 52.060990, 4.212640
place: Den Haag steet Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 450 zip code: 2555 NW

Paid parking (2011: fee 4 euro's) at strandslag Molenslag
(Walking distance 3300 meters)
Route planner Google Maps:  GPS: 52.033280, 4.173000
place: Monster steet: Molenslag 2 zip code: 2681 VP
Public transportations      9292ov:  choose:
adres  fill in:: Schelppad, Monster

Blauwe lijn : walking route to the nudist beach (1500 / 3300 meter)
Rode lijn
 nudist beach.
Geel:              The "Zandmotor", constructed in the summer of 2011

Parking  beach pavilion  Bus stop on 25 min bike parking
bathing water sampling location

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