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Nudist beach Neeltje Jans

Free parking under the viaduct, on the south side from Neeltje Jans.

The beach entrance on the South side from Neeltje Jans. 550 meters further is the start of the nudist beach.

The nudist beach starts by the row of dunes.

The nudist beach.

The nudist recreation sign by the North side.

The Textielstrand on the North side, in the distance you can see the beach pavilion ĎAtlantisí.

The nudist beach is also accessible through the dunes.

The tunnel near the nudist beach. Around the tunnel parking is forbidden. Parking is allowed 800 meters away from the tunnel.

The path through the dunes near the nudist beach.

The Beach pavilion Atlantis (no nudist recreation).

Visitors centre  Neeltje Jans.

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